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GL Chapter 152

Chapter 152

GL: Chapter 152

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Wonderful Painting of the Mountains and Seas 32

Nine Tails didn’t care. He decided this was a red-feathered chicken and wondered where to start eating it. How could Xie Xi let Nine Tails eat himself?

He hit the neck of Little Nine Tails, forcing the fox to loosen his mouth and the ‘meat’ in the mouth fell to the ground. Xie Xi hurriedly reached out to hug Little Vermilion Bird. “Okay, it’s fine.’

Little Vermilion Bird was in shock. He chirped while flapping his wings. From this perspective, Nine Tails was right and this really was a chicken!

Unexpected, he had just saved Vermillion Bird when the silver fox glanced over. He finally couldn’t stand his chicken being robbed and cried out miserably.

That’s right… the vampire Aix-en, Minister of Finance, second prince and Demon Ancestor Nine Tails cried as the chicken in his mouth flew away.

This wasn’t just shedding tears of grievances. He let go of everything and let out a heartbroken cry. Xie Xi suspected that this guy wouldn’t cry so miserably even at Xie Xi’s death!

He hurriedly hugged the little fox and coaxed him, “This isn’t a chicken. You see, he doesn’t have a chicken crown.”

The little fox stopped crying and glanced at Vermilion Bird before complaining, “He is a chick. A chick doesn’t have a crown!”

This was very logical. Little Nine Tails was really a reasonable little fox!

Xie Xi was silent. He stared at Vermilion Bird for a long time and really couldn’t see the difference between him and a chicken. Eventually, he could only… “Okay, as long as you don’t eat this chicken, I’ll give you three big chickens later!”

This was obviously much more powerful than clarifying Vermilion Bird’s identity. The little fox raised his beautiful silver eyes. “Don’t lie to me.”

This had been heard countless times but it was never as funny as it was now. Xie Xi replied, “I absolutely won’t lie to you.”

The little fox was coaxed while Little Vermilion Bird shrank back. “I’m really not a chicken… chirp.”

Based on the common nature of the souls, Xie Xi was afraid this chicken would cry too and had to hurriedly tell him, “I know you’re not. You are a vermillion bird…”

Before he could finish, the little fox’s eyes brightened. “Vermillion bird? I love sparrows the most!”

Vermilion Bird and sparrow wasn’t the same thing, Ancestor Nine Tails!

Xie Xi told him, “Vermilion Bird is a holy beast, not ordinary poultry!”

White Tiger heard the word ‘beast’ and became greedy. “Is a holy beast delicious?”

Large predators disdained to eat poultry but a holy beast sounded good.

Xie Xi, “…”

Fortunately, there was a ‘big brother’ in the pile. Houqing earnestly told him, “Of course, you can’t eat him!”

Xie Xi was very pleased and wanted to praise this child when he heard Houqing say, “He is only the size of the palm of a hand and will be bald once the feathers are taken off. What is left? It isn’t worth wasting firewood.”

Xie Xi, “……” He would retract the praise. This big brother wasn’t reliable! Vermilion Bird was small but knew a lot. After hearing this, he was scared and shrank into Xie Xi’s arms.

Xie Xi was afraid that this bird would fall into the tiger’s (fox) mouth and hurriedly announced, “He is your brother. You can’t eat your brother!”

White Tiger made a disdainful noise. “He is too small and my mouth will be full of hair when eating him!”

The little fox blinked. “What is a brother?”

Little Houqing started his teaching again.

Xie Xi finished collecting everyone and felt very comfortable, but his mouth twitched crazily as he listened to their conversation.

Who would think that this serious as an adult, violent, arrogant and hyperactive tiger, unmoving bracelet, crybaby who wants to eat chicken and a small hairball… were all Jiang Xie!

No, Xie Xi’s blood gauge was empty. He was stunned by his lover’s colourful childhood.

Xie Xi wasn’t in a hurry to return to the flower world and strolled through the Holy Mountain and Demon Sea for a while.

By the time they returned to the flower world, the children had become familiar with each other and even Little Azure Dragon, who couldn’t talk, eavesdropped using his small head.

He was lying around Xie Xi’s wrist and Xie Xi poked him. “Don’t you want to play with them?”

The little head shook and rubbed against the palm of Xie Xi’s hand.

Xie Xi was ticklish and laughed. “When will you grow up?” By all accounts, the souls should be the same age. Perhaps it was because Azure Dragon had been living alone that he wasn’t good at words.

Nine Tails and Vermilion Bird had become enemies.

Little Vermilion Bird was the most talkative. He sometimes chirped and was rarely bad to the flowers. They circled him and taught him how to crow…

Xie Xi hurriedly took back the chick… ah, Little Vermilion Bird, lest such a rare holy beast became a domestic chicken.

Little Nine Tails stared at Vermilion Bird, the thoughts in his silver eyes extremely clear. ‘This chicken, once I grab you, I will eat you in one gulp!’

Xie Xi thought about it and found White Tiger who had the highest combat force, telling him to always pay attention to Vermilion Bird’s safety.

The white tiger screamed, “I’m not free!” However, his body was very honest and he took care of his younger brothers.

Xie Xi stilled painted for them daily. He vaguely felt that the problem with his body might be related to these paintings but he couldn’t stop.

The Holy Mountain and Demon Sea must exist. The more realistic it was, the better. After all, these five children had to live there many years later.

Xie Xi couldn’t let them see any flaws.

The world under his pen was the real world, so that no confusion and absurdity would be created in the living. Whenever he painted, the five little ones were always quiet. They watched seriously and didn’t dare ask questions.

Xie Xi had a good memory and drew everything he could imagine. There was Earth and also the worlds he had experienced.

He found it strange and interesting. No wonder why players grew step by step from a collector, recorder or explorer to a designer. Without these experiences of countless worlds, how could a person design a unique world?

Thinking and insight were indispensable. Perhaps a designer’s job was far less boring than he imagined and it certainly wasn’t as powerful and exaggerated as he thought.

A designer wasn’t god. Jiang Xie said it was more like the hand of god.

Xie Xi understood a bit. If a god was above everything, then the designer was still in the mountains. This was the biggest difference.

Designers designed worlds because they couldn’t create anything that didn’t exist. They brought together countless experiences to form a new world. It was natural, not deliberate and at the same time, uncontrollable.

Xie Xi was drawing when he heard Little Vermilion Bird’s voice. “What is this?”

“Hmm?” Xie Xi stopped his pen and glanced over.

Azure Dragon, Vermilion Bird and Nine Tails hadn’t seen the previous paintings so before he finished, they went to see the others.

White Tiger wasn’t happy. “How can you not understand? Aren’t you looking at a new painting?”

He had a fierce nature and everyone knew this.

Xie Xi quickly finished painting before glancing at Little Vermilion Bird. “What’s the matter?”

Little Vermilion Bird was holding the picture book and he pointed to the word on the cover. “I don’t know this.”

Xie Xi examined it and his pupils shrank. This was a line on the originally empty space of the cover.

God’s Wisdom — Xie Xi.

Xie Xi thoughtfully rubbed these words.

Little Houqing mentioned, “They weren’t there before.”

White Tiger stared at the three children. “This is a very precious thing. How can you scribble on it?”

Little Nine Tails protested. “We didn’t do it. It appeared on its own!”

White Tiger refuted, “It wasn’t there before. Why did it appear in your hands if you didn’t do it?”

In the past, Houqing would try to stop White Tiger’s arrogance. This time, he didn’t open his mouth. It was because this book was too important for them. It was their spiritual sustenance during Xie Xi’s five years of sleep.

They might know that the flower god was sleeping but in the eyes of ordinary people, sleeping for so long was really worrying.

This magical picture book seemed to tell Houqing and White Tiger that the flower god wasn’t a mortal. A god was different and there was nothing abnormal about sleeping for a long time.

Xie Xi spoke softly, “God’s wisdom, Xie Xi.”

The five little ones stared at him, understanding yet not understanding. Little Vermilion Bird asked, “What is god’s wisdom? What is Xie Xi?”

Xie Xi explained, “The book is the god’s wisdom. Xie Xi is my name.”

This was interesting and their attention was grabbed. “The name of Lord Flower God?”

Xie Xi nodded. “Yes, my name.”

Azure Dragon cocked his head. He couldn’t speak so he could only wait for others to ask the questions. Fortunately, Little Nine Tails had similar thoughts and wondered, “What is a name?”

Houqing also asked, “Lord Flower God’s name isn’t Flower God?”

Xie Xi shook his head. “This isn’t a name. It is a title.”

White Tiger opened his mouth. “What is the difference between a title and a name?”

Xie Xi replied, “A title doesn’t belong to me alone while the name does belong to me alone. Even if there is the same name, in the eyes of acquaintances, this name is unique to that person. It is the most special self-existence.”

Xie Xi never understood why people in this quasi-world had no real names.

Azure Dragon, Vermilion Bird, White Tiger, Houqing and Nine Tails, these titles weren’t unique. They were inherited and passed down.

Purple Nine, Red Two, White 99 on Rose Mountain… this concept was the same. It was rough and simple.

It was true that a name wasn’t purely unique but for one person, it was their true self. Xie Xi was Xie Xi, an existence that had been recognized since birth.

Little Vermilion Bird’s heart was tickled. “Lord Flower God, can you give me a name?”

Xie Xi was startled. The other four also glanced at him. They were obvious or hid it but they were all looking forward to a name.

Xie Xi smiled. “Okay.”

He just agreed when he felt dizzy.

This was a situation that occurred when he wanted to sleep because he was too tired. What happened? He had only woken up for a few months this time. Why was he sleeping again? Was it because he painted too many images?

Xie Xi wanted to give them names but the words on his lips couldn’t be spoken. It was as if there was a force stopping his tongue from moving.

Then a blank voice filled his mind.

Azure Dragon, lifespan of 500 years, died from thunder tribulation.

Vermilion Bird, lifespan of 300 years, died from a fire tribulation.

White Tiger, lifespan of 90 years, died in battle.

Nine Tails, lifespan of 300 years, died from his divinity being extinguished.

Houqing, lifespan of 80 years, died from aging.

Xie Xi was shocked. How could this be? They should live for a long time with heaven and earth.

The blank voice was heard again. “Give them names, acknowledge their existence and God will disappear.”

Xie Xi found that this voice belonged to him. It was just calmer and knowledgable.

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Shichi K
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Pure and Righteous Flower of Evil
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He wasn’t a zombie back then, he was a human kid. So, his lifespan is very fitting.

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