Game Live Broadcast Temporarily Paused

An uptick in work means I can only pick up one new project after EO ends. I had to make a decision and eventually picked Game Loading, mainly because Game, Live Broadcast’s chapters eventually become 9k-10k, which is three times longer than a GL chapter.

This will be temporarily paused or can be seen as a teaser. Since I’m not the type to hold onto novels when I’m not translating, anyone who wants to can pick it up while it is on hiatus.

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Noooooooo T_T
Was really looking forward to turtle-sama to translate, but guess not. I hope whoever that picks this up will produce the same quality as turtle-nim…


That’s rather a shame, since GLB is a lot more interesting that GL. Well, I do understand your reasons, so I hope that some day you’ll be able to pick it back up again!

Anne Janvier

I’m normally a lurking reader but today I specifically come out 😆. I just want to say thank very much for translating this novel. I understand and respect your decision. Translating 200+ chapter is not easy. Your update also quite fast.


Thank you! Of the two I preferred GL and I’m very grateful you didn’t pause that one instead. Not that GLB wasn’t interesting, just I wasn’t as invested as with GL lol.


Fighting. always support you.