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GLS Chapter 207

Chapter 207

GLS: Chapter 207

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Chapter 207 – Canglan VS Ghost Spirits (1)

In the blink of an eye, the weekend came and all members of the Canglan team headed to Beijing. It was the host city of the professional league and Wind Colour, Flying Feathers and Ghost Spirits also arrived at the hotel designated by the league.

These days, everyone was busy training. Li Cangyu hadn’t contacted Ling Xuefeng so he didn’t expect to meet the people of Wind Colour when checking in to the hotel. Li Cangyu saw the tall and upright back in the distance and immediately patted the other person’s shoulder happily. He said, “Hey, what a coincidence.”

Ling Xuefeng originally had a serious expression but he turned his head at Li Cangyu’s smile. The expression on his face immediately softened and he nodded. “Are you prepared?”

Li Cangyu joked, “I can almost kill Wind Colour.”

The Wind Colour members collectively stared at him. Cat God was too much, actually saying he wanted to kill Wind Colour in front of the captain? The surprising thing was that Ling Xuefeng didn’t become angry. Instead, he said calmly, “Then I’ll cheer you on.”

Everyone, “…”

The communication methods of these two people couldn’t be understood at all.

Bai Xuan knew the inside story and smiled slightly, stepping forward to say, “Tomorrow’s first match  is Wind Colour against Flying Feathers. Captain Ling, I’ll also cheer for you.”

Ling Xuefeng replied lightly, “I will.”

The two teams carried their luggage to their rooms to settle in. Li Cangyu called everyone together to give them some notes before letting them rest to raise their spirits for tomorrow.


The next morning, the Miracle League’s main venue in Beijing was crowded with people. There were queues all the way down the road early in the morning. Fans held posters enthusiastically.

The match actually started at 10 in the morning but many fans ran around at 8 in order to line up. By 9:30, the entire venue was packed.

The cute girl in charge of warming up the venue held a raffle box while in the commentators’ room, Yu Bing and Kou Hongyi did a final data check.

At 9:50, the players of Wind Colour and Flying Feathers officially entered. The familiar big gods headed to the main stage to deafening applause.

In the VIP seats, Li Cangyu watched the match with the players. Canglan had a match this afternoon and he shouldn’t be running to watch the match. However, Li Cangyu believed that there was no harm in letting the players feel the atmosphere of the playoffs in advance. Moreover, there was no need to continue training. They should rest for half a day so that their could play normally in the afternoon.

This match was extremely fierce. Wind Colour first selected a team battle and smoothly scored one point. At home, Flying Feathers continued to select a team battle and forcibly gained back one point. For the third game, the Wind Colour team changed to the arena and the score became 2:1. In the fourth game, Flying Feathers chose a team battle to equalize the score but at a crucial moment, Wind Colour killed Yu Pingsheng and the score was determined to be 3:1.

According to the three wins rule of the B05 system, the final fifth game didn’t need to be played and the Wind Colour team directly advanced.

The Wind Colour fans excitedly jumped up to celebrate while the Flying Feathers fans looked lost. Still, everyone had long been mentally prepared. After all, Wind Colour was too strong this season and it was normal for Flying Feathers to lose.

Su Guangmo walked over to Ling Xuefeng while in the commentators’ room, Kou Hongyi quickly said, “Audience members, Wind Colour has beaten Flying Feathers 3:1 and have successfully made it into the finals! This afternoon’s match between Canglan and Ghost Spirits will determine Wind Colour’s opponent in the final. It means that this season’s champions will be either Wind Colour, Ghost Spirits or Canglan. The afternoon’s match will officially start at 3 o’clock. Please watch on time!”

Li Cangyu silently took the players backstage when he heard this. There were still a few hours remaining and they needed to completely relax.


At 2:30 in the afternoon, the long awaited second match of the semi-finals opened for MIracle fans in Beijing.

Many fans came from afar and bought tickets to support the team they liked. In the audience, many people held fans like ‘Canglan Win!’ and ‘Ghost Spirits, Refuel!’. There were also a few with zoomed in photos of the players and a few cat drawings… the venue was made particularly lively by the variety of quirky signs.

Yu Bing took advantage of the warm up time and quickly introduced the members of the two teams. “I believe we should already be very familiar with Canglan’s lineup. There are four old players who have unique characteristics and the four newcomers. Today the brutal knockout rules of the playoffs are in place and I am looking forward to their performance.”

Yu Bing paused and changed the data on the big screen to the other team. “Ghost Spirits uses a skeleton logo. At first glance, they use the dark system to play. There have the famous Lou Zhang combination and use assassination techniques. Ghost Spirits was particularly sharp in the regular season and the other players grew quickly under Captain Lou’s leadership.”

Kou Hongyi agreed. “In fact, Ghost Spirits wouldn’t be so terrible with the Lou Zhang combination. The key is that in addition to Lou Wushuang and Zhang Shaohui, there are four more powerful assassins, the paladin Mo Yuan and the sacrifice Zhou Jianan. The overall strength of the team is very high.”

Yu Bing continued, “For the battle between Canglan and Ghost Spirits, both sides have a chance of winning. It depends on how the commanders on both sides arrange today’s match.”

Their explanation finished and the clock used reached the number 3. The referee lit up the indicator and the captains on both sides came up to draw lots.

Li Cangyu smiled. “Would you like to do it?”

Lou Wushuang pushed up his glasses and said, “Cat God, feel free to come first.”

“Then I will welcome it.” Li Cangyu placed his hand into the box and Lou Wushuang followed. Both of them opened the envelope at the same time to discover—Ghost Spirits had the home side first and Canglan was second!

This result wasn’t good for Canglan. After all, it would be difficult to win the first home game against Ghost Spirits. If they lost then it would have a great impact on the morale of the whole team.

Fortunately, Li Cangyu was very calm. He returned the envelope and returned to the soundproof room to wait patiently.

Ghost Spirits soon submitted their choices for the first match. The mode was a team battle and the map was Ghost Domain. The lineup was the assassin Lou Wushuang, the assassin Zhang Shaohui, the assassin Lin Yu, the assassin Zhao Zhicheng, the paladin Mo Yuan and the sacrifice Zhou Jianan.

Sure enough, it was the most classic assassination lineup with four assassins, a main t and a milk.

Li Cangyu pondered for a moment before sending—the summoner Li Cangyu, the priest Bai Xuan, the auxiliary Zhang Jueming, the swordsman Xie Shurong, the paladin Gu Siming and the hunter Zhuo Hang.

Many viewers were confused when they saw the list. Zhuo Hang?

Zhuo Hang hadn’t appeared many times in the group battles of the regular season. He normally formed a combination with Li Xiaojiang. How could he suddenly appear in today’s group battle? Was he reliable?

Yu Bing gave a reasonable explanation. “Cat God sending Zhuo Hang in the team battle should be in consideration of the Ghost Spirits’ assassins. The hunter’s trap can limit them when they are in stealth and it will improve Canglan’s fighting ability.” She paused and frowned with concern. “The problem is that Zhuo Hang rarely plays in team battles. The difference between the arena and team battle is very different. In such a heavyweight match, it isn’t easy to say if he can adapt to the rhythm of the game.”

This was Ling Xuefeng’s concern as he watched from under the stage. Li Cangyu loved to surprise people and Ling Xuefeng had expected this. Still, it was too bold to take a teenager inexperienced with team battles to such a crucial knockout match.

The newcomers hadn’t experienced the pressure of the playoffs and it was uncertain if their psychological state could be adjusted. Now Zhuo Hang was playing a position he rarely played, which was even more taboo for a commander.

However, Li Cangyu’s commanding style had always been bold. Since he dared to send Zhuo Hang, Ling Xuefeng could only look forward to Zhuo Hang’s performance.


The players on both sides debugged their equipment and the match officially started.

The atmosphere of the Ghost Domain map was extremely gloomy. It was a abandoned castle in the blood kin realm. According to the description in the game, it was a place that no one dared to go. It was said that at night, the branches would dance and not only did they emit a cold sound, the shadows they cast on the ground looked particularly like demons.

The dimly lit map was very beneficial for assassins. In particular, the Ghost Spirits team had four blood kin assassins and a blood kin sacrifice. The five blood kin players were dressed in black clothes and could integrate into the map.

In addition, the blood kin had stealth skills…

In the early stages, both sides developed steadily and temporarily didn’t fight each other. It was understandable since this was a large event. Then once the ice dragon refreshed, the two sides finally confronted each other!

However, the audience members saw a ridiculous scene. The two teams met at the ice dragon’s refresh point. The Canglan team’s six people were complete but Ghost Spirits only had one paladin? Where were the other five? They couldn’t be seen at all!

Many of the great gods who played against Ghost Spirits had experienced this. The assassins and sacrifice lurked like ghosts around them. It was unknown when they would suddenly emerge and set fire to a target.

In order to fight the Ghost Spirits team, players must have a long psychological quality and couldn’t be easily scared to death!

Li Cangyu was undoubtedly a bold commander. Once he saw the opposite paladin dangling in front of him, he didn’t care. It was because he knew the paladin was only used as bait and Lou Wushuang’s eyes were sharp. If someone anxiously attacked the paladin then they would enter Ghost Spirits’ trap.

“Xiao Zhuo.” Li Cangyu gave a reminder on the command channel.

Zhuo Hang immediately pressed the keyboard, the rhythmical keyboard tapping sound entering their ears.  The audience saw Great Navigator moving around the Canglan team like a dazzling tornado. Everyone was wondering what was going on. Then the saw that behind the players, five traps were set in succession and they were connected in a curve at an extremely tricky angle, so that the assassins of Ghost Spirits couldn’t get close!

This was Zhuo Hang’s speed, the real speed of a growing hunter!

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