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GLS Chapter 163

Chapter 163

GLS: Chapter 163

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Chapter 163 – Suits

Xie Shurong said he wanted to perform well in front of Vice-Captain Bai and naturally wouldn’t fail to show it with actual actions. He wasn’t a person who would play tricks.

From that day on, he would get up five minutes earlier than Bai Xuan to place a cup of warm water on the table. It was because he heard that having a cup of warm water in the morning would be beneficial to the stomach.

This was the answer he got after consulting with a doctor. Bai Xuan had been drinking Chinese medicine to regulate his stomach. After a few courses, his stomach disease had improved and he stopped drinking the medicine. However, Xie Shurong was still worried. He always felt that Bai Xuan’s body wasn’t good and that he should pay more attention to these details in everyday life.

Don’t look at Xie Shurong’s carefree smile and think he couldn’t be serious. Once he cared about a person then he was very considerate.

Bai Xuan felt particularly helpless every time he saw Xie Shurong smiling and looking pleased with himself. He clearly told Xie Shurong that this wasn’t the type he liked. However, this guy had thick skin and great perseverance. He was around Bai Xuan every day.

Bai Xuan went along with his actions. In any case, he gave Xie Shurong half a year. Surely Xie Shurong would give up by then?


The rest of the Canglan team were busy with training and didn’t notice the change between the two people. It was because Xie Shurong had always been clingy with the vice-captain. It just intensified after the confession.

The opponent in the next match was the Red Fox team. This pure female team had always been mysterious and Liu Xiang was a careful and cautious girl. Li Cangyu couldn’t guess her strategic deployment and everyone had to train using the most stable lineup.

Li Cangyu had a bad feeling. He sensed that Red Fox was likely to choose three team battles for the Canglan away match.

Still, he couldn’t completely ignore the arena because of this guess. Thus, he had the players practice in the arena according to the regular training intensity. They would train in the arena in the morning and then open a team battle in the afternoon.

Bai Xuan and Xie Shurong were sent to practice the pairs arena. This morning, the two of them won 10 games in a row when Xie Shurong turned back and smiled at Bai Xuan in a handsome manner. He leaned towards Bai Xuan’s ears and whispered, “These two cooperate with each other so tacitly. It is a pity they aren’t together.”

Bai Xuan smiled and agreed. “Yes, I think so as well.”

Xie Shurong thought he was shaken. Then Bai Xuan pointed to the IDs of the opponents on the screen. “Flower Isn’t a Flower and Fog Isn’t Fog, these two people look like a couple.”

Xie Shurong made a depressed expression, “I’m not talking about them!”

Bai Xuan was well aware of this but pretended to be puzzled. “Then who are you talking about?”

Xie Shurong touched his nose. “Here!”

Bai Xuan smiled and ignored him. He turned and continued to operate his priest to line up for the arena. Xie Shurong scratched his head and whispered to himself, “Hey, you can ignore me now. This sincerity will open the stone one day. You will eventually fall under my suit pants.”

Bai Xuan suppressed his smile. “Then you have to wear a suit pants first.”

Xie Shurong wasn’t embarrassed about being heard. Instead, his eyes lit up. “Do you like suit pants? I will go back and wear it for you!”


Xie Shurong returned to the dormitory after the day’s training and rummaged through his cupboard for a long time. He brought out a pile of sweatpants, casual pants, various jeans… it was just that there were no formal suit pants.

There were a few jeans with holes in them and casual pants that were relaxing to wear. He looked like a young man carrying a bag and riding a bike on the streets.

It was no wonder why Vice-Captain Bai said Xie Shurong wasn’t his type. It was estimated that in the vice-captain’s eyes, Xie Shurong was still a child who hadn’t grown up?

The distressed Xie Shurong scratched his head and decided to find someone to ask questions about matching and dressing.


Speaking of suits, different brands showed the different tastes of men. Xie Shurong hadn’t worn a suit before and didn’t know which brands were better.

In the Miracle League, the person who wore suits the most was definitely the Wind Colour’s abstinent male god, Ling Xuefeng.

Ling Xuefeng wore a formal suit every time he represented Wind Colour at various events or interviews with reporters. His tie was meticulous and matched with the colour of his suit.

Therefore, the photos that reporters took of Ling Xuefeng were more powerful than those of other captains. In the suit, the already handsome looks would be enhanced and he seemed calmer.

The reason why Captain Ling ranked first in the Miracle League’s face value list had a lot to do with his love of formal attire. If it wasn’t for reporters putting ‘Interview with the captain of the Wind Colour team, Ling Xuefeng’ in the title, some outsiders would see his photos and think he was a celebrity or wonder who this rich and handsome person was.

Xie Shurong couldn’t rely on his two brothers for the problem of wearing a suit. It was absolutely right to find Ling Xuefeng.

He wasn’t familiar with Ling Xuefeng but he was familiar with Xiao Han. Xiao Han was friends with Qin Mo and wasn’t Qin Mo the apprentice of Ling Xuefeng?

Xie Shurong wisely ran to find Xiao Han and gave him a task. “Xiao Han, look for Qin Mo and ask him what brand of suits his master wears. Is two buttons or three better? How does he match the colour of his tie? Remember to ask secretly and don’t say that I’m the one who wants to know.”

Xiao Han was stunned. “Why are you investigating Captain Ling’s suits?”

Xie Shurong smiled and patted Xiao on the shoulder. “There is no need for you to know. In any case, this is an important task and is related to our win or loss against the Wind Colour team. You must give me an answer within a week.”

Xiao Han nodded thoughtfully. “Okay.”

Once Ah Shu left, he started to ponder how Ling Xuefeng’s brand of suits had anything to do with winning or losing? Xiao Han really didn’t understand Ah Shu’s logic.

He didn’t know that Xie Shurong had just made up an excuse!

In any case, Xiao Han didn’t understand but Ah Shu had given him an important task. He could only do his best.

Thus, Xiao Han found Qin Mo and typed: [Go ask your teacher about what brand of suits he normally wears. Is two or three buttons better and how does he match his tie?]

Qin Mo directly sprayed a mouthful of tea onto the computer screen.

What the hell was going on in the Canglan team?!

Previously Cat God asked him to find out if his master had a girlfriend. Now he had to find out what suits brand his master wore? Even if they wanted to learn about his master to defeat Wind Colour, wasn’t this too much? It was better to ask what he liked to eat and then put laxatives in the food!

Qin Mo made a complicated expression as he wiped the computer screen. The last time, he was forced by Cat God’s power and didn’t dare tell his master. This time it was Xiao Han asking. He wasn’t afraid of Xiao Han so he turned and sold his friend.


Ling Xuefeng was sitting on the sofa in the living room and drinking tea while reading a newspaper.

He was wearing casual trousers and a short-sleeved white shirt. He looked handsome and impeccable as he held the cup. Ling Xuefeng’s personality was low-key, restrained and relatively cold but he had a high taste when it came to dressing. No one had ever seen him look messy.

There were many times when Ling Xuefeng didn’t deliberately dress up but other people thought the clothes he wore were beautiful. They were very compatible when paired with his personality. This was probably his habit. If someone opened his wardrobe, they would mainlyl find neat suits, shirts and ties. In winter, there would be long coats that gave off the charm of a mature man.

Qin Mo couldn’t help sighing when he knocked on the door and saw his master’s side profile. If the Canglan team didn’t consist of men then he would wonder if these people secretly loved his master.

Ling Xuefeng looked up at Qin Mo and asked, “What is it?”

The newspaper he was holding happened to be this week’s Miracle Weekly, the largest newspaper in the Miracle e-sports circle.

Qin Mo felt some regret when his master’s cold eyes stared at him. Still, he had already come here so he bluntly explained what happened. “Xiao Han wants to know what brand of suits Master loves to wear…”

He originally thought Ling Xuefeng would be angry. The result was that Ling Xuefeng calmly put down his newspaper and asked, “Why does he want to know this?”

Qin Mo replied, “I don’t know. He also asked me if suits with two or three buttons are better and how you match the colour of your tie.”

Ling Xuefeng, “…”

There was a moment of silence before Ling Xuefeng said, “I know.”

Qin Mo’s face had a ‘What do you know?’ expression. However, he didn’t have time to ask when his master said, “Go back to training. I will deal with this matter.”

Qin Mo had to turn and leave.

He returned to the computer and saw a message from Xiao Han in the lower right corner. [Did you ask?]

Qin Mo: [Master said he would deal with it.]

[Oh!] Xiao Han typed out and thought to himself, ‘Captain Ling handling it is like directly telling Master. In any case, Ah Shu said it is related to the team winning or losing so it should be fine for Cat God to know.’

He thought this and immediately put the problem of the suits behind him. He asked: [What does it mean to be messy in the wind?]

Qin Mo, who was treated as a dictionary, patiently explained: [For example, a gust of wind blows and makes your hair a mess. You can use messy in the wind to describe your mood at the moment. These words are especially suitable for when your master summons the wind spirit.]

Xiao Han touched his chin in understanding and then asked: [Can I use messy in the thunder when Master summons a thunder spirit?]

Qin Mo: [……]

Xiao Han: [What about the water spirit and fire spirit? How do you describe it? Is there anything like messy in the water or messy in the fire?]

Qin Mo: [There is no such saying.]

Xiao Han: [Why?]

Qin Mo: [……]

Xiao Han: [Water, fire, wind and thunder are all part of nature? There is messy in the wind so why isn’t there messy in the water?]

Qin Mo: […I’m going to sleep. Bye!]

Qin Mo quickly fled offline.

He always felt that his IQ regressed to an elementary school level after talking with Xiao Han for a long time. What was messy in the thunder or messy in the water? Xiao Han liked to learn and put what he learnt into practice. But raising a classmate like Xiao Han…


In Ling Xuefeng’s dormitory room, he drove away his apprentice and picked up the phone.

In fact, he had just been chatting with Li Cangyu. When Qin Mo knocked on the door, he pretended to read the newspaper. His purpose of picking up the newspaper was to block the phone.

He reconnected the video call and Li Cangyu asked with a smile, “Why did you suddenly hang up? Did someone in the team come looking for you?”

A hint of a smile appeared in Ling Xuefeng’s serious eyes. “Qin Mo came to ask me something.”

Li Cangyu wondered, “What is it?”

“It is related to the Canglan team.”

Li Cangyu’s curiosity was caught. “Say it!”

Ling Xuefeng deliberately didn’t say it. Li Cangyu placed his fingers to his lips and then pointed it to the screen, as if kissing him. “I kissed you. Now can you say it?”

Ling Xuefeng’s heart was beating madly as he said, “Xiao Han asked what brand of suits is better. He also wanted to know about buttons and ties.”

Li Cangyu was stunned. “Xiao Han? His interest in Chinese has shifted to suits?”

Ling Xuefeng said, “Your apprentice is a living treasure.”

“I also feel that I should let him study it himself.” Li Cangyu smiled and continued, “By the way, today’s outfit is great. I haven’t seen you wearing it before.”

Ling Xuefeng pointed to his shirt. “I specifically changed into it in order to video chat with you.”

Li Cangyu made a surprised expression. “Is that so?”

Ling Xuefeng’s eyes were gentle. “It is because I want to look more handsome in front of you.”

Li Cangyu smiled warmly and said, “In fact, you are handsome in everything you wear. Of course, you are most handsome when wearing nothing.”

Ling Xuefeng, “…”

How was he so direct?

However, Ling Xuefeng liked this straightforward cat.

Ling Xuefeng lowered his voice. “Shall I show you the next time we meet?”

Li Cangyu answered, “Yes, I’m looking forward to it.”

Ling Xuefeng changed the subject. “The next meeting should be on the field.”

Li Cangyu cleverly changed his words. “Then you take off all your equipment.”

Ling Xuefeng was stunned. “…Then I can’t use any skills and you will win?”

Li Cangyu smiled. “Yes.”

Ling Xuefeng saw this straightforward smile and really wanted to fly to Changsha to kiss him.

Unfortunately, at present they had to be separate. The feeling of missing each other every day was also a wonderful experience.

Fortunately, communication technology had developed. They could always see each other’s appearance through the mobile phones, even if they were far apart.

After a busy day of training, the hours of chatting with their beloved was the most comfortable and relaxing time for the both of them.

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