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GLS: Chapter 159

Chapter 159

GLS: Chapter 159

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Chapter 159 – Post-Match Interview

The Canglan members finished the after-match procedures and followed the captain to the big stage. This was their first home game in Changsha and many fans came to the venue. They saw the eight members appear and the audience stood up, deafening applause and screams filling the venue. Many fans raised the fluorescent cards that they specifically made.

Li Cangyu looked at the crowd and the shiny fluorescent cards with the player IDs. He smiled and took the microphone, saying simply, “Thank you for the support and for coming to watch this match!”

More than 80% of the audience members willing to buy tickets were iron fans. No matter which team members came, the warm atmosphere of the venue made the team members feel that this was a real home match!

At an away game, the audience were cheering for the other team. At Changsha, it became the world of the Canglan team! Canglan might be a new team just set up this season but the enthusiasm of fans were undiminished. This made Li Cangyu feel very moved.

The former Canglan team didn’t have so many fans and their results were bad. Sometimes a home match would only have half the seats filled. Had it ever been as full as today?

It was the first time he experienced the strong supporting atmosphere of a home match.

He had taken full advantage of the home game mode and map selection and was able to score 2:1 against a first-tier team in the Miracle League. Li Cangyu was actually very satisfied.

The fans were obviously happy as well and game the team members a standing ovation.

The applause and cheers lasted a long time. Li Cangyu had everyone bow to the audience and then moved backstage, ready to be interviewed by the reporters.

Of course, it was customary for the losing team to be interviewed first.

On the Flying Feathers side, Su Guangmo took Yu Pingsheng and Xiao Mu with him. Yu Pingsheng sat next to him and listened from beginning to end. The Flying Feathers fans had been long accustomed to this. Yu Pingsheng would become part of the background in interviews.

The focus of the reporters’ questions was naturally the captain of Flying Feathers Su Guangmo. “Captain Su, what do you think about Cat God’s arrangement of three arena games today?”

“To be honest, I wanted to vomit out blood when I saw it.” Su Guangmo replied very honestly. “Before the match, we worked hard preparing for a team battle. The result was completely unusable. I can only say that… Cat God is too playful.”

Many reporters laughed. Captain Su was always straightforward when being interviewed. He wanted to say that he was miserable today due to Cat God and frankly told the reporters.

Su Guangmo paused for a moment before continuing, “Of course, Cat God’s idea is correct. I think this match will certainly provide new ideas to the captains of major teams. I have to learn to dig a pit for others at Flying Feathers’ next home match. Flying Feathers’ next opponent is Time. I have decided to choose three team battles so that Tan Shitian and Cheng Wei can’t appear in the arena together.”

Cheng Wei immediately jumped up in front of the TV. “Damn Su Guangmo, do you really want to be like this? Why are you retaliating against us because of Cat God?”

Tan Shitian hurriedly patted him on the shoulder. “He is just talking nonsense. Do you really believe it? It is impossible to expose the mode selection before the match.”

Cheng Wei froze and felt that his IQ had been insulted.

Then a reporter asked, “Captain Su, today the score was 1:2 in the away match. Is this what you expected?”

Su Guangmo smiled helplessly. “There were too many unexpected factors in the game. I’m not satisfied with the score. Of course, this is the fun of competitive gaming. If we win then we can also lose. There is no need to fret over a score of 1:2.”

Yu Pingsheng nodded.

The reporter handed the microphone to Xiao Mu. “Xiao Mu, how did you feel when you were killed in seconds by Cat God’s wind spirit?”

“…” Xiao Mu touched his nose. “I can probably use the phrase ‘messy in the wind’ to describe it?”

The reporters laughed but Xiao Han thoughtfully watched the broadcast and wrote down ‘messy in the wind’. He planned to go back and ask Qin Mo about the usage.

The reporter asked, “Are you satisfied with your performance in today’s match?”

Xiao Mu replied, “This is the first time I played in the arena. I wasn’t comfortable and didn’t have an understanding with my teammates. I feel that many of our members only played with 80% of their strength today. I hope that the next Flying Feathers match can make everyone more excited.”

Yu Pingsheng nodded again in agreement.

The reporters, “…”

Vice-Captain Yu, he was a really dedicated background board. He would also nod in agreement!

Su Guangmo saw that Yu Pingsheng was nodding and handed the microphone to him, instructing him to say a few words. Yu Pingsheng thought for a while before saying, “We will refuel.”

The reporters saw his serious expression and wanted to laugh. The vice-captain took so long just to say such a sentence!

Fortunately, a witty reporter immediately changed the topic and continued to ask Su Guangmo, “Captain Su, how do you evaluate the performance of your younger brother Xie Shurong in today’s match?”

“I think that Ah Shu has improved a lot compared to when he was in Flying Feathers. He still has some impulses but he has become very calm and patient. He knows how to cooperate with his teammates and how to adjust the rhythm. I think he played very well today.”

Su Guangmo was very generous. Yu Pingsheng sat quietly beside him and nodded from time to time. Gradually, the reporters treated him as a ghost. He seemed use to it and continued to be in the background.

Some newcomers to Flying Feathers wanted to ask, ‘If Vice-Captain Yu doesn’t like to talk, why does Captain Su take him to every interview? Isn’t it embarrassing to sit next to him?’

Flying Feathers’ veteran fans would definitely say, “It is because Vice-Captain Yu is Captain Su’s sidekick and follows him everywhere!”

In fact, only people who knew the inside story knew that Su Guangmo took Yu Pingsheng everywhere because he was worried that if Yu Pingsheng was left alone, his symptoms would get worse.

He took Yu Pingsheng with him everywhere so that Yu Pingsheng could communicate with others. After many years, Yu Pingsheng’s communication disorder symptoms had improved. At the very least, he wasn’t afraid of photographer’s camera and wouldn’t hide fearfully.

Su Guangmo finished answering questions and left the interview room with Yu Pingsheng and Xiao Mu.

On the way back, Su Guangmo watched the silent Yu Pingsheng and couldn’t help holding his hand and asking, “There were many people in the room. Was it a bit stuffy?”

Yu Pingsheng was silent for a moment before nodding softly. “Yes.”

Su Guangmo smiled and placed an arm around his shoulder. “It is our first time in Changsha. I will take you for a walk.” He turned back and said, “Ah Mu, go to the team and tell them it is a break tonight. Everyone is free to play but pay attention to safety.”

Xiao Mu seemed used to the captain sneaking away with the vice-captain and nodded calmly before walking away.

The Shu Yu duo was walking when they suddenly saw Ah Shu and Bai Xuan coming around the corner. Xie Shurong was talking and laughing with Bai Xuan. He saw his two brothers and immediately walked over. “Brothers, are you going back to the hotel?”

Su Guangmo replied, “We aren’t going back yet. We want to explore Changsha. Are there any places you would recommend?”

Xie Shurong said, “I’m not familiar with this place.”

Bai Xuan smiled and recommended several places. He also told them a few restaurants with good reviews. “If you want to eat authentic Hunan cuisine, you can go to the places I mentioned. There is also delicious crayfish. Is Captain Su interested?”

Su Guangmo answered, “Forget the crayfish. I will go and try Hunan cuisine. Thank you!”

The two of them walked away and Xie Shurong smiled. “Vice-Captain Bai, you are really considerate. Thank you for recommending places to eat for my brothers.”

“You’re welcome.”

Xie Shurong laughed. “It is better to hug you as thanks.”

Then he hugged Bai Xuan with a cheeky expression. Bai Xuan was dumbfounded. “I don’t want this way of thanks!”

Xie Shurong had to let go, his deep eyes watching Bai Xuan closely.

Bai Xuan felt puzzled and couldn’t help reaching out to touch the young man’s forehead. “Do you have a fever again?”

Xie Shurong smiled slightly and thought, ‘I don’t have a fever. I just like you and want to hold you, so I found a shameless excuse.’

Bai Xuan would definitely want to kill Xie Shurong if he knew these crooked thoughts.

Xie Shurong didn’t say anything before smiling in a handsome manner. Then he whispered into Bai Xuan’s ears, “I was just testing my charm to see if your heartbeat will speed up when I hug you.”

Bai Xuan rolled his eyes. “You can roll out of here.”

Xie Shurong immediately squatted and held his head. He looked up at Bai Xuan and asked sincerely, “Should I rolls sideways or the other way?”

Bai Xuan, “…”

He really couldn’t be helped! How on earth did he become so shameless?

Fortunately, Li Cangyu came over with the others at this time. Bai Xuan immediately turned and greeted him. Li Cangyu said, “We should go quickly. We can’t let the reporters wait too long.”

Xiao Han found Ah Shu crouching on the ground and asked curiously, “What happened to Ah Shu?”

Xie Shurong stood up and patted his trousers while explaining, “There was something on the ground. I picked it up.”

Xiao Han continued to ask, “What is it?”

Xie Shurong said, “My thick face.”

Everyone, “…”

He was quite self-aware!

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