God Level Summoner

GLS: Chapter 157

Chapter 157

GLS: Chapter 157

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Chapter 157 – Canglan VS Flying Feathers (7)

Li Xiaojiang’s outstanding performance at a critical moment made a good head start for the third arena game. He didn’t survive long when he met the second Flying Feathers’ pair but he successfully completed his task.

Li Xiaojiang walked down with Zhuo Hang and immediately came to Li Cangyu. Li Cangyu patted him on the shoulder and said, “You played very well. You should believe in yourself.”

Li Xiaojiang immediately nodded. “Yes!”

Zhuo Hang also said, “Xiaojiang is amazing. Your progress is particularly fast.”

Bai Xuan suddenly interjected. “It is really rare. This is the first time I’ve heard Xiao Zhuo praising someone.”

Xie Shurong immediately agreed. “Yes, Xiao Zhuo never praised us.”

Zhuo Hang blushed and scratched his head. Li Xiaojiang consciously sat down next to him.

Zhuo Hang was unable to calm down after the game just now. He saw the excitement in Li Xiaojiang’s eyes and felt that in the days to come, it would be excellent if he could keep having Li Xiaojiang as a partner.

Why did he dislike Li Xiaojiang when they first started? Xiaojiang tried so hard and his red face as he stuttered was cute. What was Zhuo Hang thinking at that time?

In the future, he must be good and cooperate with Li Xiaojiang. Zhuo Hang secretly made this promise as he held Li Xiaojiang’s hand. The latter turned to Zhuo Hang with a confused look. “What is it?”

Zhuo Hang smiled and said, “Nothing.”

In his heart, he was thinking that it was wonderful to sit next to the slow Li Xiaojiang. Zhuo Hang believed that he and Xiaojiang would become the league’s best combination.


On the field, Flying Feathers sent Cao Lang and Xiao Mu as the next pair. It was a blood kin assassin and a terran priest.

Cao Lang was known as the ‘head harvester’ and his ability to find opportunities was extremely strong. Xiao Mu was the only terran priest of the MIracle League and his survival ability wasn’t lacking compared to Bai Xuan. The combination of this two people would be very hard.

As it happened, Li Xiaojiang was out and the second pair from Canglan was Xiao Han and Zhang Jueming. It was the blood kin assassin and white magician combination!

This way, the two sides formed an assassin and auxiliary combination match.

Li Cangyu didn’t partner with his apprentice and sent Old Zhang instead. Yu Bing’s explanation was, “Cat God doesn’t want to go out. He sent an auxiliary as Xiao Han’s partner. It is probably to test Xiao Han’s independent thinking and flexibility.”

Her explanation was acknowledge by the Canglan fans. They now thoroughly understood Cat God’s thinking when sending people. He wanted to train new people while gaining points.

He played the first two games with Xiao Han. This time, he saw that Xiao Han was in good shape and didn’t play, sending him with an auxiliary instead.

Xiao Han naturally wouldn’t let his master down. In a fight between assassins, winning or losing depended on grasping the right timing.

The other side’s healer was really strong and he could easily add blood back. However, Uncle Zhang’s white magician wasn’t weak. He could control the opponents at key moments and help Xiao Han complete big moves.

Kou Hongyi saw this matchup and sighed. “The attackers are assassins while there is an auxiliary and healer. This should be a protracted battle and take at least 10 minutes.”

Yu Bing added, “In a slow battle, it depends on who is more patient and is able to seize more opportunities.”

“This is the truth.” Kou Hongyi went on, “A quick fight is difficult as long as the healer doesn’t die. It will obviously become a protracted battle and it depends on whether the two sides have the patience to grind down their opponents.”


In the Wind Colour training room, Qin Mo couldn’t help opening his mouth to ask, “In a protracted battle, Xiao Han has less experience. Isn’t he likely to lose?”

Ling Xuefeng replied, “Not necessarily. Xiao Han’s mentality is excellent and he might be able to find a chance.”

Qin Mo didn’t feel that Xiao Han could win against Cao Lang but he hoped that Xiao Han could play to his true level.

This arena game really turned in a protracted battle like Kou Hongyi said. The two sides jumped back and forth on the vast sea and didn’t rush to act. This made people feel sleepy.

The reason why Cao Lang wasn’t anxious was because he knew that the white magician could release skills from a distance. If he got close to kill Xiao Han, Zhang Jueming would definitely control him. Therefore, Cao Lang wanted to find a better time to act.

Xiao Han was also very patient. The other side didn’t act and he wasn’t in a hurry either. Uncle Zhang adjusted their positioning and he started to tentatively attack the opponent.

Once the standoff lasted for three minutes, Canglan’s auxiliary moved first!

God’s Seal emerged from Zhang Jueming’s hands. This was the white magician’s skill to fix a body in place. The spell accurately fell on Cao Lang’s body and he couldn’t move.

Xiao Han seized this opportunity and immediately moved behind Cao Lang, using Death Mark, Backstab, Fatal Blow and Absorb and Seize the Soul!

This combo caused Cao Lang’s blood to instantly fall to 40%!

It wasn’t that Xiao Han’s output was terrible. It was because Zhang Jueming accurately grasped the timing and used the white magician’s skill to enhance his teammate’s attack, Inspiring Voice. This doubled his partner’s attack for five seconds!

Xiao Han took advantage of this support skill to unleash a scary amount of damage, causing Cao Lang to fall belong half blood in one breath.

Xiao Mu saw Cao Lang’s blood and immediately used the terran priest’s strongest single target healing skill, Holy Light Surge.

Holy Light Surge restored a certain percentage of blood. It instantly added 60% blood in critical situations.

Such a big move naturally had a very long cooldown time. It was more than 50 seconds and the consumption of blue was also huge. The advantage was that he could rescue his teammate from near death. Xiao Mu was obviously worried that a second combo would kill Cao Lang and decisively used the big move.

To the surprise of the audience, the gorgeous skill was released but Cao Lang’s blood was only raised by 20%.

Yu Bing immediately explained, “We can see that Xiao Mu’s big skill only added 20% blood to his teammates. This is because Zhang Jueming used a skill at the critical moment, Purification.”

She made a gesture and the screen opened a small window in the lower left that had a replay. “You might be curious. Doesn’t the Purification skill remove negative states and makes the person immune to control?”

Cheng Wei watched the game on the TV and immediately said, “That is the regular options. It can add something else!”

Sure enough, Yu Bing also said, “This is normal for output white magicians. However, Zhang Jueming’s white magician took the auxiliary route. The special effects of Purification isn’t quite the same. He abandoned the lifting negative states effect but added a substantial reduction in the healing amount. In the team battle, this can greatly reduce the effect of healing in a key moment, allowing his teammates to break out and kill a person.”

Kou Hongyi suddenly realized. “No wonder. The white magician auxiliary build died out a long time ago in the Miracle League. This contestant is very different from the white magicians we normally see. Xiao Mu is probably shocked. This is equivalent to wasting a healer’s big move!”


On the field, Uncle Zhang decisively used a skill to offset the healer’s big move. Xiao Han was happy and continued to release three skills, forcing Cao Lang’s blood to 30% in one breath.

Cao Lang naturally didn’t stand still. He escaped the control effect and immediately attacked Xiao Han. However, Xiao Han didn’t struggle with him and turned quickly to escape.

The audience was a bit puzzled but Li Cangyu was relieved. Xiao Han was really clever.

Cao Lang had a healer and his blood could be restored. Xiao Han had an auxiliary and his blood couldn’t be restored. He knew that he couldn’t kill Cao Lang this time and decisively retreated, once again waiting for another opportunity.

Uncle Zhang had offset the healer’s big move, making Xiao Mu use more blood adding skills to recover Cao Lang’s blood. His blue amount fell to 50%.

For a healer, the blue was the key, not blood!

There was no reason to fear a healer who had no blue, even if they were full of blood.

Xiao Han was smart and understood it was a battle of attrition. He forced the healer to use a big move, controlled the healer’s cooldown time and made the healer consume a large amount of blue. Once Xiao Mu ran out of blue, he couldn’t add anymore blood and killing Cao Lang would become easier.

Zhang Jueming’s role was key but Xiao Han’s reaction was fast enough to grasp his teammate’s intention.


Xiao Mu’s survival ability was very strong but Xiao Han didn’t attack him at all. Instead, he struck Cao Lang and made Xiao Mu consume his blue. This feeling was very uncomfortable.

It appeared that Xiao Mu and Cao Lang were full of blood but experienced professional players knew that Xiao Han and Zhang Jueming were using the map to look for opportunities. Their wave of attacks would make things more difficult for Xiao Mu.

Fortunately, Cao Lang’s reaction wasn’t slow. He understood the other side’s intentions and chased Xiao Han to consume Xiao Han’s blood.

Consuming blood while consuming blue. The result was that Xiao Mu was almost empty of blue while Xiao Han had residual blood.

At this critical moment, Zhang Jueming acted again. Song of the Soul!

A soft sound filled the venue accompanied by the white magician’s holy light effect. This was the white magician’s strong control skill. Like its name, Song of the Soul put the opponent to sleep!

Cao Lang fell asleep and couldn’t use any skills. Xiao Han grasped this opportunity and used a series of attack skills.

He saw Cao Lang was waking up and didn’t hesitate to use Pain Blade to make Cao Lang dizzy.

This continuous control made Cao Lang’s blood fall to 10% instantly!

Cao Lang’s control effect finally ended and he used an attack that couldn’t be avoided. Xiao Han also used an attack skill and the two residual blood players fell to the ground at the same time.

[Frost Descends has killed Bright Clear Sky!]

[Bright Clear Sky has killed Frost Descends!]

This result made many audience members surprised. In front of the TV, Qin Mo’s eyes widened. He didn’t expect that Xiao Han could actually kill a first-class assassin in the league!

There was the factor of the auxiliary’s assistance but as a newcomer, Xiao Han’s performance made the audience clap!

The mixed-race teenager had white skin and his hair was gold. His eyelashes were long and he was very good-looking. After this battle, the number of fans on Xiao Han’s Weibo rose by tens of thousands.

At this time, Xiao Mu and Zhang Jueming were embarrassed as they faced each other on the sea.

Xiao Mu was full of blood and empty of blue. Zhang Jueming was also full of blood and empty of blue. How could they fight?

A healer and auxiliary who couldn’t use skills had to face each other?

The camera cleverly zoomed in to both sides’ blood gauge and laughter filled the veue. Zhang Jueming also smiled and typed: [Shall we go down together?]

Xiao Mu helplessly agreed: [Okay.]

The referee had no objection to their decision. The two men didn’t have any skills and didn’t need to continue fighting. Such a situation was judged as a draw.

The result was that the two full blood players stood up and left the contestant seats at the same time.

On the way back to the team, Zhang Jueming patted Xiao Han’s shoulder and said, “Excellent cooperation!”

Xiao Han also said, “Uncle Zhang, you played very handsome.”

Zhang Jueming laughed. “Of course! However, played very handsome is a bit strange. You should directly say that I was very handsome.”

Xiao Han seriously corrected himself. “Uncle Zhang, you were very handsome!”

Li Cangyu saw them come back and raised his thumbs. There was no need to talk about Zhang Jueming. The old player was very reliable in critical moments. The rare thing was that Xiao Han could adapt to Zhang Jueming. Xiao Han had certainly gained a lot of experience from this, making Li Cangyu satisfied.

Next was the critical third round.

Xie Shurong stood up. “It is my turn to be handsome on the stage.”

Bai Xuan helplessly asked, “Can’t you change your lines?”

Xie Shurong touched his chin and said, “This line suits my temperament. I won’t change it.”

Bai Xuan, “…”

This guy’s shamelessness was too big!

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