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RS: Chapter 182

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Chapter 182

『 You are a Huaxia person, yet you dared join the world’s supermodels list at the same time as me. This is where you offended me! 』

『 You Huaxia people are disgusting! Yellow and black people shouldn’t exist in this world! Do you know what is flowing in your blood? It is dirty blood! 』

『 Huhu, they dared to challenge the European and American fashion industries. They are really tired of living! 』


The rampant arrogance in the voice was presented in this short, 10 minute audio.

In the audio, apart from the main male voice, all other sounds were processed so that people couldn’t hear the original voice. But the identity of this main male voice was obvious. The words he said were like the world’s dirtiest water, disgusting and capable of causing nausea. Anybody who heard the words would become angry and violent!

Apart from the few anti-Huaxia people, even many Western netizens were angry.

【 Andrew Wallen! The shame of the American fashion industry! 】

【 I had heard that Andrew Wallen was an anti-Huaxia person but I never believed it. Now he is saying that ‘yellow and black people shouldn’t exist in the world’! He is a 17 year old new supermodel. Why is he so arrogant? Is there any democracy in this world?! 】

Putting aside the Huaxia people, even the Japanese, Koreans and Africans were caught in Andrew’s words and angrily said in unison—

【 Andrew Wallen isn’t qualified to be a supermodel! Andrew Wallen must apologize! He must sincerely apologize! He must pay the price! Karma must explain this matter and immediately stop Andrew Wallen’s endorsement activities! 】 At the same time, many spontaneous boycotts started to emerge all over Huaxia.

Previously, not many people knew that Andrew was anti-Huaxia. He mostly made a few statements. Huaxia’s global influence was fearful. Although Mrs. Wallen didn’t object to her son’s anti-Huaxia views, she restricted media coverage for her son’s development. The ‘Andrew is anti-Huaxia’ had no firm evidence.

Only insiders like Luo Ru knew that Andrew often spoke anti-Huaxia remarks in private and even participated in some anti-Huaxia parades in the United States. However, Luo Ru didn’t know that Andrew was a pure racist. His discrimination wasn’t just towards Huaxia people, but was in fact towards yellow skinned and black skinned people!

Once this recording appeared on the Internet, Mrs. Wallen immediately started PR. The Italian media called Richard deleted the tweet and related audio in just 10 minutes. But this didn’t stop netizens from saving the audio on their computer and circulating it in private!

Andrew’s anti-Huaxia behaviour was spread and criticized by the majority of the world.

In this audio, many people heard that Andrew seemed to be bullying a small model from Huaxia. In Andrew’s mouth, he hated this small model because they were from Huaxia and also prepared to suppress the small model!

When this small model asked if Andrew dared to do the same thing to Luo Cheng, Du Ruo, He Chaoman and Xi Ze, Andrew also directly belittled these people in a fearless tone!

【 I feel like I should know who Andrew is bullying but I can’t think of it… in any case, Andrew is so disgusting! Who does he think he is? He wants to compare with Luo Cheng? Du Ruo? He Chaoman? And Xi Ze? He is a piece of crap! Foul smelling! 】

【 Although the voice of the small model is processed, I still think he is pitiful. His tone is so sad. My nose was sour when I listened, especially when he told Andrew that he loved his homeland and asked Andrew to apologize to his homeland. I really wanted to rush into the audio and tear Andrew into eight pieces! 】

【 Andrew? Damn, its Andre! A mouth full of stink! 】

【 I’m strongly requesting for Andrew Wallen to be driven out of the world supermodels list! I’m strongly requested a global ban on Andrew Wallen! 】

【 Calling everyone, don’t buy any Karma products! Resist the disgusting racist, starting with me! The following brands are all owned by Karma. Andrew relies on his mother, the chief designer of Karma. He will be so mad. The brands are: Lilanka, Dosa, Roth Matt… 】……

Despite the media deleting the tweet, in two hours there were people who directly uploaded the audio on YouTube, Youku and other platforms. It took only half an hour for the views of these videos to exceed 150 million!

After two hours, the combined total views directly broke through 500 million!!!

There were many racist people but most of them didn’t put their words on the Internet so blatantly. In addition, such disgusting and arrogant words were spoken!

More and more netizens started to run for Karma’s official website to ask for a statement As for Andrew’s private Twitter, Facebook, etc., they had already been long captured by angry netizens. There were even some Americans who went to the White House’s official website and asked authorities to pay attention to the public’s words!

In the last century, many racist people in the world dared to express their opinions in a blatant manner. But once Huaxia’s national strength became stronger and strong, becoming the second United States or third United Kingdom, it was impossible for racist people from other countries to open their mouths. They could only advertise their dirty words in the dark.

Now after nearly a century, there was a famous person who dared to publish his own racist words!

Immediately, many Huaxia media started to condemn Andrew and even asked Karma for an explanation. At the same time, the most official media in Huaxia, ‘Huaxia Daily’ published an article on their official website:

[The crime of skin colour, even more, is there a need to suffer because of it?]

Cough, Huaxia Daily always had a relatively high-end atmosphere. These sentence translated to: The colour of the skin was different. Was this also a sin? If you were a racist, don’t give excuses for it. You are just racist!

The leader of the Huaxia media was so domineering!

Want to give us an explanation?

Sorry, there was no need!

There was no reason to want excuses from you, it was simple!

Banned from all of Huaxia! You don’t want to then don’t appear in any corner of Huaxia!

In this global crusade, the Huaxia media and netizens were the mainstays. Many black people and other Asian people were very angry and demanded that Andrew Wallen appear! However, Andrew Wallen was like a tortoise and refused to show up!

Karma naturally couldn’t offend the global media and fans. Thus, they quickly posted a notice on their official website:

『 Due to personal reasons, Andrew’s endorsement contract with Roth Matt and Karma will be cancelled, effective from this announcement. 』

Karma’s answer seemed reasonable and seemed to feel the misgivings of their global fans.

However! The media directly sneered and remarked: 【 Andrew Wallen endorsed Roth Matt before he became a supermodel. As a first-tier model, what qualifications does he have to become the global spokesperson of a first-tier luxury brand? Oh, I forgot. Karma’s chief designer is Lisa Wallen. Her name is also Wallen! 】

Huaxia had an old saying: Once the wall collapsed, everything pushed forward.

At this moment, Karma aroused the hatred of many people around the world due to Andrew Wallen and Lisa Wallen. The media, who had hated the mother and son in the past, started making statements.

Since his mother became the chief designer, Andrew was in the fashion industry for 10 years!

In these 10 years, how many small models and stared had been ruined because they offended him? There were even media reporters who offended this young master and were mercilessly beaten by him. But they didn’t dare say anything!

In the United States, the most powerful luxury brand was Rosalind. But the one whose hands covered most of the industry wasn’t Raymond, but Lisa Wallen. His husband was one of the Karma shareholders and the Warren family almost completely monopolized Karma related resources, making them arrogant to the point of no return.

Raymond at least had a bit of a conscience. Apart from bullying Xi Ze, he was too lazy to abuse his private power. Lisa Wallen was different.

As long as the status of the person who bullied her son was very low, she would bully them directly. If this person wasn’t easy to deal with, she would use the name of Karma to suppress the matter and finally apologize.

At the age of 17, Andrew had basically only been active in the United States. He didn’t offend anyone who really couldn’t be provoked. This time, he was completely confused. The parking lot surveillance video clearly had no sound. Why were his words recorded?

The global voice of justice condensed into a sword, sharply stabbing into Lisa Wallen hiding behind Karma.

At this time, fans discovered something unusual.

【 The person Andrew Wallen entered the supermodels list with and who participated in the Ruth Mary high-end fashion show… The person Andrew Wallen bullied was Ming Yu! He was bullying Ming Yu! The small model who could only protect his dignity and defend his homeland was Ming Yu!!! 】

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>In these 10 years, how many small models and [stars] had been ruined because they offended him?

>[Her?] husband was one of the Karma shareholders and the [Wallen?] (<not sure about this) family almost completely monopolized Karma related resources, making them arrogant to the point of no return.