Rebirth of a Supermodel

RS Chapter 146

Chapter 146

RS: Chapter 146

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Chapter 146

The fashion show of Sixin was praised even before the video was released. Numerous media magazines gave it high marks and several Huaxia design masters published articles on their blogs, commenting on the advantages and shortcomings of this fashion show.

Of course, there were few shortcomings and more praise.

So before today, Ming Xiaoyu’s fans guessed that the performance of their small mushroom was definitely awesome. However, public magazines only sent a few photos showing the clothes that Ming Xiaoyu wore.

There were so many models in the audience that it was impossible to see Ming Xiaoyu’s face.

Therefore, when Fei Sixin announced the video on her Weibo and Sixin’s official website, a large number of fans flocked and excitedly watched the video.

Among these fans, most of them were fans of models. Of course, there were a few fashion people interested in Fei Sixin’s design style. But no matter the reason why they started watching the video, they were instantly immersed the moment they watched it, attracted by the designs.

In this fashion show, Fei Sixin didn’t give a theme. In a later interview, she said that her theme was ‘Fei Sixin.’

Her theme was herself and this was all her style.

She wanted to show her style to everyone in the first Sixin show, so she held this fashion show.

【 Diandian King: When I watched the show, I felt that @Fei Sixin’s fashion show was bold and exaggerated. She put her own style in the design of the clothing. My favourite of @Lu Huisheng’s last outfit and @Ming Yu’s first and third outfits. They are very eye-catching and really beautiful! 】

【 Ji Shengyu: I used to like @Fei Sixin’s design sense. As a woman, she never designed women’s clothing. Instead, she used her exquisite women’s perspective to design a unique men’s clothing style. The style is very concerned with the construction of the details. If you look closely, you will find that the metal buttons on @Ming Yu’s first military uniform contains small patterns. 】……

While some professionals commented on the success of this fashion show, there were naturally fans who licked the screen and expressed their love for their idols.

【 Military PLAY! Playboy PLAY! Abstinence gentleman PLAY! Sprinkle this value of life!!  Nosebleed ~\ (≧▽≦)/~ lalala 】

【 Oh my! Ming Xiaoyu is really beautiful! I am Ming Xiaoyu’s tassel earrings! I’m the tassel earrings! 】

【 The platinum tassel earrings are really beautiful! Lick lick lick!  Shining! 】

【(┙>∧<)┙へ┻┻ Who put my husband’s video up? Husband is mine, I won’t show it to you! 】……

The variety of comments was endless. Some people yelled ‘Small Mushroom is mine” and someone else immediately responded with “Face? That is my husband!”

The quality of this video was extremely high and the level of editing was also high. But the most unforgettable thing was Ming Yu’s finale.

The black outfit was made for this youth and slender platinum earrings fell from his delicate white earlobes. Once this scene was seen, the lens cleverly zoomed in on Ming Yu. Suddenly, an exquisite and beautiful face appeared on the screen.

Many fans of Ming Xiaoyu weren’t just fans. In their words: 【 We are the temperament fans of Ming Xiaoyu. 】 There were too many people who looked good. Even if these mushroom fans were eager to see their own beautiful Ming Xiaoyu, they never said that Ming Yu was the best person in the world.

However, appearance was one thing and temperament was another thing.

The youth had an elegant temperament that many people couldn’t match. If appearance was ‘I can’t help noticing this person’. His temperament made him shine~ like a pearl. The light could be seen from even a few hundred metres away.

For example, fans of Ming Xiaoyu saw a photo taken by a foreign magazine of the Nidelan May fashion show. The main character of the photo was a well-known foreign supermodel. But in the background, there was a tall man wearing a bright yellow t-shirt.

With just one glance, the fan immediate decided: 【 Ahhhhh! It must be Small Mushroom! This must be Small Mushroom! 】

Later, other photos showed that this back was indeed Ming Yu.

Temperament wasn’t something that could be made up. Temperament had a great relationship with body shape, behaviour and posture. These illusory things added together to become a person’s unique temperament.

Not to mention…

【 My god!!  Did Small Mushroom look at the camera just ow? A powerful aura covering his face! 】 Moreover, this youth still had a type of arrogant aura, making people can’t help but be infected by him.

As Ming Yu became a supermodel, his Weibo fans broke through the 10 million mark and he became one of the most popular models in Huaxia. After all, Huaxia’s fashion industry was prosperous. In addition to Muse, there were other well-known agencies such as Lanka.

Huaxia occupied nearly 100 of the 370 places on the supermodels list so it wasn’t shocking.

But Weibo fans were one thing. Even more shocking was the number of fans on the Muse official website.

From the Nidelan May fashion show, the endorsement of Feilu’s watches, the filming of An Li, Ming Yu becoming a supermodel and now even the Sixin fashion show as his debut supermodel show, his Muse official website fans had completely doubled. He reached 8 million fans!

Don’t underestimate these 8 million fans. The more you went up, the bigger the gap in the number of fans of each supermodel.

For example, Xi Ze had close to 40 million fans. However, the second ranked He Chaoman only had more than 20 million fans and was far from reaching 30 million.

By virtue of these 8 million fans, Ming Xiaoyu directly got into the top 20 of Muse and firmly occupied the 11th place.

This was a miraculous advance for a small model who only had over a hundred thousand fans just a year ago.

By the way, the 10th ranked Muse model was Cheng Su with 9.81 million fans.

However, Ming Xiaoyu didn’t pay attention to the outside world’s liveliness. Before flying to the United States and attending the RAmer Charity Gala, he still had some work to finish.

For example, Zhao Rui recently gave him the endorsement for a domestic first-tier jewelry brand. He needed to go to the other side and prepare a date for the shoot. Another example was the company gave him a show for a top brand during Fashion Week. He needed to pay attention to the previous shows from this brand.

At the end of the first half of September, Ming Yu finally finished his work in Huxia and flew to the United States with Xi Ze.

This time, Ming Xiaoyu didn’t deliberately plan to go to the United States with a certain man. When he unexpectedly met this man at the airport, Xi Ze looked at him with surprise and said, “You are also on this flight? What a coincidence.”

Ming Xiaoyu, “…Hehe.”

Ming Xiaoyu already saw this man as his own person. Even if there was something he felt, he didn’t hide his heart and would directly reveal it to the other person.

This was a coincidence?

Your sister!

Who held him shamelessly last night, not letting him climax until he said the time and place of the flight?

Ming Xiaoyu sneered and looked at this extremely shameless man. He said, “Mr. Xi, you really have to do nothing. I think that if your skin was used to defend the motherland, it would be a natural barrier. Not even nuclear bombs can penetrate.”

Ming Yu and Xi Ze met in the parking lot of the airport. Regardless of Ming Yu’s objections, Xi Ze directly took him to the VIP area to wait.

At this moment, Xi Ze wasn’t angry when he heard the youth’s words. Instead, he sighed with great emotion, “Originally, I wanted to make some contribution to the motherland’s construction. But I thought that if I dedicated myself to the motherland, my wife would have to stay alone in an empty bed every night. It is lonely and difficult and then…”

“I will beat the hell out of you, you bastard!!”

Xi Ze’s words made Ming Xiaoyu think about his actions last night.

Ming Xiaoyu didn’t think he was a shy person. He was open about bed matters, as long as he was comfortable. However, he never imagined there would be such a shameless person in the world! The man tortured Ming Yu until he couldn’t endure it but didn’t give him satisfaction. He also forced Ming Yu to do certain things for him to see before continuing with the next step!

Damn it! This man was really shameless!

Ming Yu was blinded in the beginning, confused by this man and finally ended up with him?

Perhaps because he was irritated by the other person or perhaps the shame of last night finally broke out today. After boarding the plane, Ming Xiaoyu didn’t pay attention to this shameless man for five hours.

The so called ‘virtue is one foot tell, the devil is ten foot’ Xi Ze showed no signs of his rogue self. He was courteous and graceful, like a very polite gentleman. It made the flight attendants, Zhao Rui and Luo Ru feel admiration.

Such a contrast made Ming Xiaoyu feel really baffled.

Then after a while, Ming Yu was a bit tired and too lazy to care about this man.

But Xi Ze started to move. He put the thick magazine in his hand back to the shelf next to the seat and whispered in the youth’s ears. “This time you are attending the RAmer Charity Gala. What do you know about this party?”

As soon as he mentioned work, Ming Yy glanced at Xi Ze before turning to him. “I have some understanding in advance but I am definitely not fully prepared. After all, the scene of the party isn’t open to the public. The media reporters can only take photos on the red carpet.”

Xi Ze let out a meaningfully “Oh” at the words and didn’t respond.

Ming Yu sneered with disdain at his mysterious appearance and said, “If you want to say something, say it quickly. I want to go to sleep.”

Xi Ze raised an eyebrow and sighed. “This year, asking for help in a really arrogant manner…”

Ming Xiaoyu’s lips curved and he stepped on Xi Ze’s shoes, making the latter let out a sound. Xi Ze saw this handsome young man’s eyes curve as a bright smile appeared on his lips. Ming Yu whispered into Xi Ze’s ears, “Uncle, hurriedly say it. If I am happy…hey little girl, this evening Grandfather will give you good fruit to eat.”

Public morals were degenerating with every passing day!

It is shameful to flirt in public.

Ming Xiaoyu, you say all day that Mr. Xi is a shameless person but what about you?

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