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RS: Chapter 141

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Chapter 141

After all, the brand Sixin had only been created for a bit more than a month. A fashion show was held in such a short period of time. It was impossible for Fei Sixin to make more than one hundred sets of clothing to a satisfactory degree.

However, Fei Sixin needed the fashion show to use the popularity of creating her own brand. In this fashion show, there were 120 sets of clothing. Each set from Fei Sixin was guaranteed to be able its own level, but not ever set would be amazing.

However, it was already a very good thing to ensure that the level was above average. Apart from the few particularly picky design masters, who would say that this first Sixin fashion show wasn’t excellent?

Of the five sets of clothing that Fei Sixin were most satisfied with, two were worn by the opening model Lu Huisheng while three were all worn by Ming Yu. The five sets were the most satisfying works that Fei Sixin created in the last two years, breaking her previous design style.

Thus, once Duan Yusong saw Ming Yu for the first time, he couldn’t help breathing out with relief and then sighing.

The second set of clothing that Ming Yu wore was very different. This outfit was bold with colour. There was a bright red rose background imprinted with exaggerated patterns of black, white and grey. There seemed to be some strange Chinese characters as well as images from classical paintings. For example, patterns from Picasso’s Guernica could be seen.

Ming Yu’s lower body was covered with silver-white leggings. The thin pants wrapped around a pair of slender and long legs. The pants weren’t long, revealing a small part of the calves and white ankles. This skin was actually too white and seemed to reflect brilliantly under the spotlight.

As the youth walked while wearing sunglasses, Duan Yusong even thought he had the wrong person.

Compared to the overbearing and tough atmosphere of the previous military uniform, the present Ming Yu wasn’t cold-blood. Rather, he seemed like a cynical young master with a hip-hop atmosphere.

Male hormones that played with the world…a playboy feeling exuded from the youth’s body. This outfit was closer to his age, making him look young and handsome, while also feeling unique.

This time, Duan Yusong didn’t applaud. It wasn’t that he didn’t want to applaud. But by the time he regained himself enough to clap, Ming Yu had already left the catwalk.

Duan Yusong had been gazing at Ming Yu so carefully that he forgot to clap. He really wanted to know. This youth clearly had no change in expression and his way of walking didn’t change. Yet why did he feel that the previous Ming Yu was handsome and awe-inspiring, while this Ming Yu was dandy and unruly?

Duan Yusong faintly perceived that if he could master the key points of changing his temperament and aura, he could advance to a higher level!

“This outfit is better than before. I didn’t think that little girl Fei Sixin would dare to play around. Elder Chen, what do you think?”

“Yes, it wasn’t as noticeable as the previous outfit but it has a higher level of design. That Fei Sixin girl’s sensitivity to colour is really incredible. But it depends on who wears the clothes. If this was worn by the opening model then the effect would be greatly reduced…”


After listening to the dialogue between the design masters, Duan Yusong felt more confident and looked forward to the next part of the fashion show.

Another wave of models walked the stage. Only the last few people came out, Duan Yusong hurriedly concentrated his gaze at the position of the stage exit. He was waiting for Ming Yu to come out because he saw things to study in this young man!

At this moment, the music reached the climax. The moment it approached the peak… The music burst at the peak and then slowed down, like the night before dawn, singing the last silence.

Under the expectations of the audience, the youth that everyone was waiting for finally appeared in the spotlight.

The moment Ming Yu appeared, Duan Yusong seemed to feel a shock in his brain. His eyes couldn’t help following the other person’s movements., He didn’t react at all, just staring.

He watched the handsome youth approach and finally disappeared off the other side of the stage.

Once Ming Yu was about to disappear from the stage, the audience burst into heated applause. Duan Yusong also clapped with everyone until the lights above the audience lit up, highlighting the official end of the fashion show. He suddenly woke up and subconsciously looked at the design masters sitting next to him.

Duan Yusong looked over but hadn’t expected Elder Chen to be looking at him with a smile.

“I saw you staring at Ming Yu during the show. Are you a model?”

The famous design master of Ji and Ya unexpectedly talked to him. Duan Yusong nodded nervously, so excited that he couldn’t say a word.

The chief designer of Ji and Ya was Xi Ze, but it was absolutely impossible for a top luxury brand to only have one designer. Chen Xiang was over 50 years old this year and he was the best design master of Ji and Ya, apart from Xi Ze.

“You have the same style as Ming Yu. It is good to look at his work but don’t think about imitating his style. His style isn’t something you can do right now. Child, take your own path.”

After saying this, Elder Chen joked with his group of friends and left. While walking, several people commented on Ming Yu’s finale just now.

Duan Yusong listened from a distance and was shocked to find that although the masters were endlessly arguing, none of them said that it ‘wasn’t good.’ Instead, they were arguing about the clothes and the top model.

Who was the world’s top models and so on.


Ming Xiaoyu didn’t stand still once he walked down from the T stage. The excited Fei Sixin hugged him tightly and shouted, “Did you hear it? Ming Xiaoyu! That applause just now was for us! It is great! The audience clapped twice! I saw Elder Chen sitting under the stage and he clapped for you!”

Fei Sixin was so excited that the words she spoke were unclear. But she hugged Ming Xiaoyu’s small waist tightly and didn’t let go, really eating the tofu.

However, Ming Xiaoyu was a gentleman. How could he push away a lady? Thus, he let Fei Sixin hug him while she laughed and cried.

Fei Sixin wasn’t too embarrassed about hugging him for a while. She finally loosened her grip on Ming Yu’s waist and said, “Thank you Xiaoyu, you worked really hard today. Don’t leave straight away. Let’s go to dinner together and celebrate. Oh yes, Xiaoyu, this suit is really very handsome on you. If you like it, I will give it to you.”

Ming Yu was slightly startled by the words. Then he smiled and shook his head. “I am very fond of this outfit. But Sister Xin, you have given me many clothes. I feel sorry and will buy this one. I will wear when attending activities in the future.”

Fei Sixin waved her arms. “At least half price! Don’t be polite with me. This outfit was originally inspired by you and then I designed it. If you are polite with me, you really aren’t giving me any face!”

The two laughed for a while and Ming Yu agreed to buy the high-end outfit from Fei Sixin at half price.

Yes, Sixin’s fashion show might be for ready to wear clothing but there was one high-end outfit, while was the last casual suit that Ming Yu showed the audience.

This suit was made of the finest cashmere and the gold threading of the outline pattern was specifically ordered from France.

The black background colour was the favourite of each high-end suit. Ming Yu’s frame wasn’t as burley as Westerners but the suit was tailored very closely to his body, looking elegant and refined.

The first-class workmanship and finest materials made the youth’s noble temperament stand out even more. In addition, the vine-like patterns on the right side of the outfit were like stars in the night sky, making this outfit calmer.

Fei Sixin’s biggest breakthrough with this suit was the series of broken diamond designs at the collar.

The right side fabric had a light gold pattern while the left side of the collar was a mosaic made of many tiny diamonds. The diamonds reflected in the bright light. The upper part was round and the lower part thin, with the ends hidden at the end of the collar. It was a mysterious and beautiful as the Milky Way.

Moreover, once this outfit was worn by Ming Yu, it gave off a calm and fascinating atmosphere. Otherwise, Duan Yusong wouldn’t have been so captivated in the audience. He was directly attracted by the youth who looked like this and didn’t recover in the end.

This outfit was really too wasted on the first show of an original brand.

There wouldn’t be anyone who had doubts if this outfit was placed in the high-end shows of top luxury brands!

Of course, that was when it was worn on Ming Yu’s body. As the top master argued, not every supermodel in the world could wear it.

That evening, Fei Sixin and Ming Yu accepted a brief interview before having dinner with the models and staff who stayed.

Ming Yu had work the next day so he didn’t drink any wine. But Fei Sixin was very drunk.

At this time, they didn’t know how many industry media would be reporting on this fashion show the next day. Countless praises seemed to overflow from magazines and newspapers, boasted about this fashion show.

A designer who was known for always been picky was interviewed by a first-tier magazine. He said, “I thought Sixin’s fashion show would be good. But it could reach the level of Jiayi’s fashion show the day before. I have to say that Fei Sixin’s talent is really outstanding. Age isn’t a benchmark when it comes to measuring a designer’s talent. Her performance in this fashion show made me pleasantly surprise, especially at the end. Once I saw the high-end suit that Ming Yu was last wearing, I thought that Sixin definitely reached the level of a domestic first-tier brand.”

The day before, the media also used the term ‘amazing and excellent’ to describe Cheng Su in the Jiayi fashion show. But the day after, the media seemed to be deliberately using one specific term to describe Ming Yu’s performance in the Sixin fashion show.

[So excellent it can’t be described in any language.]

The author has something to say: Hey, why hasn’t God Xi come back yet? _(:з」∠)_

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