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RS: Chapter 106

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Chapter 106

Muse’s attention towards this photo shoot was completely beyond Ming Yu’s expectations. Muse originally signed contacts with a number of first-tier photographers and they often cooperated. But this time, they purposely invited a photographer from the United States.

Hewlett Hill, a top American photographer who often took photos for the cover of the top American magazing, Edith. He served as a visual arts guide for a number of commercial blockbusters. His style was beautiful and elegant, and his control of angles was quite outstanding.

Master Hill might not be the best photographer in the world but he was definitely one of the most outstanding photographers in fashion. His photos were very powerful. No matter what a person’s aesthetic preferences were, they would be touched by that psychedelic beauty.

The master was slightly startled at his first sighting of Ming Yu. He paused for a long time before looking at Ren Huaqing and asking in awkward Chinese, “Huaqing, this is the male model Ming Yu?”

Ming Yu had been in this world for around a year. Every foreigner he saw spoke Chinese, but there was a high and low standard. Master Hill was one of the best ones Ming Yu saw. At the very least, his words were clear and there weren’t any funny grammar mistakes.

Ren Huaqing smiled and nodded. “Yes, Master Hill. This is Ming Yu.” Ren Huaqing looked at Ming Yu and made the introductions. “Ming Yu, this is Master Hill. I think you should already know him. Last month’s cover of Edith was shot by Master Hill, with Bernice Terre.”

Ming Yu naturally knew this. As a model, it was necessary to watch every monthly issue of the world’s renowned magazines. He nodded lightly and smiled at Master Hill. “Hello Master Hill. I am very pleased to meet you. I am Ming Yu.”

Master Hill carefully looked at Ming Xiaoyu for a moment before giving him a light hug. Luo Ru and Ren Huaqing looked surprised. The youth was only slightly stunned for a moment before tolerating the master’s actions.

Master Hill spoke with pleasure, “Ming Yu, I think of Harriman Owen when I see you. You should know Harriman Owen. Both of you are very similar, but he is more feminine than you. When I first met Owen, I almost thought he was girl.”

Harriman Owen, the world’s fourth ranked male supermodel and one of the most unique male models. The famous Owen had waist length hair, a graceful posture, a touching face and very feminine charms.

Ming Yu smiled calmly at the words. “Thank you for the praise, Master Hill. I also like Mr. Owen’s work.”

“If there is a chance, I will introduce you…”

Ren Huaqing was stunned as the conversation continued. Master Hill’s way of talking to Ming Yu changed from the cold ‘Ming Yu’ to the friendly ‘Ming Xiaoyu’! Ren Huaqing still said ‘Ming Yu’ so how did Master Hill call him ‘Ming Xiaoyu’ in just 10 minutes?

Luo Ru had a deep understanding of this. This young man, it was easy for him to make a good impression. Ren Huaqing didn’t realize it but didn’t he tell Ming Xiaoyu to call him ‘Brother Ren’ soon after they met?

The pleasant conversation made the next cooperation very smooth.

Ren Huaqing adjusted Ming Yu’s hair while Sister Zheng carefully put on his makeup. A cinnabar-like red colour from drawn from the youth’s eye tip and slowly disappeared into the hairline. Once Sister Zheng finished with the red paint, she drew a fiery red mole under his eyes, making the fascinating face more beautiful and stunning.

The clothing selected by Ren Huaqing were all based on deep reds and white. The type of colouring often made some youths look washed out. Once Ming Yu put on the clothes, Luo Ru and Sister Zheng couldn’t believe that such a dazzling and beautiful person was actually a man.

Beauty didn’t distinguish between men and women. A woman could show a man’s overbearing and handsome demeanor, while a man could show a feminine beauty.

For example, Du Ruo released a photo shoot last year. In those photos, the charming and beautiful woman wore a handsome suit and had a haircut that showed the calm momentum of a man.

Now the youth in front of them displayed 90% of a woman’s beauty.

Master Hill’s eyes filled with surprise at the sight and he shouted, “This time I will be able to take beautiful photos!”

Muse had arranged the studio well, according to Master Hill’s arrangement. There were four different backgrounds, but without exception, all of these backgrounds had red rose petals. The set was covered with flowers, making the scenery more exciting.

In the quiet and spacious studio, the American photographer shouted excitedly, “Yes! Go to the right!”

“Clothes! Clothes! Pull it down a little bit!”

“Okay! Left! Yes!”


By the end, Master Hill no longer spoke Chinese. His excitement made him speak in English. Sometimes he spoke so quickly that Luo Ru couldn’t even hear it. However, Ming Xiaoyu always took the most desirable posture for Master Hill and looked at the camera with a suitable expression.

The two people took the photos faster and faster. Once the cooperation reached a certain level of tacit understanding, they didn’t need to speak again. The youth can change postures every second, making Master Hill so happy that he kept clapping.

Among the people present, Ren Huaqing had the best understanding of Master Hill. Muse often invited Master Hill to shoot their covers so Ren Huaqing and Master Hill cooperated several times. Ren Huaqing had a clear understanding of Master Hill’s character.

In the many times they had worked together, this was the fifth time Ren Huaqing had seen Master Hill so excited. If you wanted to ask about the previous four times, one was the world’s first ranked supermodel Cecilia, one was the world’s second ranked male supermodel Adriennes and the other two times were Xi Ze.

Even He Chaoman didn’t make Master Hill so excited.

Ren Huaqing thought this and couldn’t help looking at the youth in front of him with a complex expression. The latter had an eye-catching appearance and a graceful bearing. He also exuded a fierce and elegant aura that made people marvel.

Did it mean that his styling this time…was so good?

Yes, it must be because his styling was too good! Haha, ^_^~~~

Mr. Ren, shouldn’t your skin be thinner?


The day’s shoot passed with Master Hill’s excitement and praise.

Once it was finished in the evening, Ming Yu took off his makeup and intended to ask Ren Huaqing to wash the hair extensions out. However, Master Hill shook his head and spoke sincerely, “Xiaoyu, I think your short hair must be very charming. But it is rare to have such hair, why don’t you keep it for a while? This might be the only time you have long hair in this life. It is so beautiful.’

Luo Ru nodded when she heard this. Yes, the reason she bent was because Xiaoyu was too beautiful!

Ren Huaqing heard these words and laughed. Hahaha. His styling was done so well that Master Hill kept praising it!

Ming Xiaoyu hesitated for a moment after hearing this. He suddenly remembered that a certain man seemed to enjoy playing with his hair. He thought about it and finally nodded.

On the other side, Sister Zheng had been itchy to touch such soft, long hair. Once Ming Xiaoyu decided not to wash the hair off, she immediately rolled up her sleeves and used a simple sandalwood hairpin to give Ming Xiaoyu a beautiful bun.

Ming Xiaoyu didn’t stop this behaviour. Tying his hair up, this was such a wonderful thing!

In the past three days, Ming Xiaoyu had almost died because of this long hair. Do you think that long hair fluttering in the wind was really beautiful? Wrong! It was impossible for the wind to obediently blow from in front of him. It often blew from behind his head, making him look like Sadako!

This type of messiness from the wind made Ming Xiaoyu make up his mind. He was never going to have long hair again!

At this time, Ming Xiaoyu still didn’t know. The moment he was forced to have long hair again would soon come!

The next few days wouldn’t be talked about. After these two shameless men lost interest in the long hair, Ming Xiaoyu decided to wash it away. Ming Xiaoyu recovered his short hair and felt like he had come back to life again.

At the same time, the hot and turbulent summer finally arrived after May passed.

Half a month later, the world’s supermodel rankings were refreshed after three months. On the other hand, the video of the Nidelan May fashion show was published, attracting a large amount of attention from fans and insiders.

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