ATL vol 16 space 5 + Temporary Hiatus + New Project

Hey everybody,

First, you can read ATL volume 16 space 5 here. 

Now for the bad news. As you can tell from the title, I am placing ATL on temporary hiatus. There are a few reasons for this decision. First, lately I’ve been finding ATL not as enjoyable and it has been hard working up the enthusiasm to translate it. When comparing it to other stories that I’ve been working on, I find myself more interested in translating those stories then ATL.

Therefore, I am going to put ATL on temporary hiatus just to give myself a break. I will be working on another project that I’ve been doing, which I will talk about next. During that time, I will see how I feel about ATL and will either change the schedule or drop it permanently. Sorry for all the readers of ATL.

Now I am going to talk about a project I’ve been working on. People who have joined the website’s discord might already know about this. Lately, I’ve been working on doing a series of teasers in order to pick up another story. I’m halfway through and I want to use this temporary hiatus to complete it. Once all the teasers are completed, I will post them along with a poll of what story you want to be translated. Although there is this poll, I won’t necessarily translate the winner. I will consider my own interest in the story and the poll in order to pick my next story. Once I’ve picked the story, that is when I will consider the schedule. LMS shouldn’t be affected and should have a similar schedule.

I hope you all enjoy the teasers as there are many good Korean novels out there that are still unknown. Hopefully some other people might pick up the teasers that I don’t decide to translate.

Anyway, I just wanted to let you get a glimpse of my plans for these holidays. Teasers should start being posted in ~2 weeks. Sorry once again to readers of ATL.

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Je suis d’accord avec laisser ATL, le premier ARK a été vraiment bon, mais j’ai commencé à lire ATL et la verité il est ennuyeux ; je suis vraiment heureux parce qu’il continue LMS qui est vraiment interesant.


It switched from fantasy to sci-fi, so it lost some fans. But that isnt reason to stop Turtle!


no offense to the fans, but to be honest i dropped ark during the town defense ark, couldn’t help but feel that it was a cheap copy LMS, so i am totally ok with turtle opinion of putting it on hiatus whether she drops it or not is up to her, i hope the next works she decides to pick are more enjoyable for her than ark


It is older then LMS


Nope LMS is older.

Tenzin Tsering

As always, Thanks for your work! I really appreciate the translations of LMS.


will you finish this volume?


Ah, Ark. I stopped reading around the time Ark got sucked into a black hole and went to the past, or something along those lines. I had my issues with the story as it is presented (with Ark facing imminent doom every volume when you know the situation will eventually turn around 180 degrees), plus I don’t particularly like the sci-fi genre so I could keep up with the spaceships and battlesuits and sci-fi equipment and gadgets only for so long.

Looking forward to the teasers. Hopefully it will lead to a boom of Korean novels translation.


Lol same as me…I want to continue to read again but too lazy to find the chapter


uh! u.u


I could never really get into Ark. I tried many times, but it’s just felt like it was getting less and less interesting all the time.


nice decision. i’ve ben wondering why still translate ATL, even i can’t make myself to finish read the first ark story. But i will still finish it, cause my policies to finish what i read, with hard work, even its not worth for my free time,……….i hope.

stray cat

Law of the devil nice novel to translate


Only, bcat00 is currently translating Law of the Devil…


Law of the Devil is a Chinese novel. RainbowTurtle translates Korean Novels…


My heart is breaking! Breaking! It hurts. I look forward to the releases all the time. I’m up to date with Ark. That’s very sad news! My pressure just went up. Someone tell me that this is just a nightmare!


Nooooo! 🙁

I am so sad that you have stopped enjoying Ark so much. Sigh. You are by far the best (most consistent) Korean LN translator out there, and I have been so glad that you have been translating Ark & ATL all this time. They really have been a joy to read and I still prefer Ark to LMS.

Since you are doing this for free, out of your own spare time, there is nothing much we can say except thank you for doing this so well for so long. I do hope, however, that your motivation for ATL comes back someday! Even a little is appreciated!

PS: do you plan to finish volume 16?


Shuras wrath is a great novel, Chinanovel which is currently translating it, is not doing it justice!!! The novel deserves to be in he hands of a translator who is not driven by economic means to translate it! Someone like u!!!

Please choose Shuras wrath or put it up for a poll opinion.


RainbowTurle translates Korean Novels not Chinese novels.
Different languages…

shreyas vishvanathan

Please continue translating atl- even if only on a weekly or monthly basis!


I don’t think the problem with ark is it’s sci-fi nature but how well the author is doing the story itself.potentially i think ATL is better than ARK. It’s just that in my humble opinion the author is making a lot of mistakes which makes it boring. if you observe carefully, the bigger picture is still interesting.
1.having a planet is intresting, there are so many potential cool plots you can make from it
2.having 3 love interest is interesting too
3.having rivals like the 7 swords redman is interesting, not to mention, it is one step up with lms which only has bardray who is utterly boring.
several things which makes me keep going during lms’s boring times is
1. the media part which makes you feel like weeds achievement is your achievement too
2. the curiosity to see the how the sculpting master ends despite how draggingly low it is becoming
3.grass porridge jokes


btw im all good with the temporary hiatus on ATL only, but i really pray that it stays “temporary”(sounds gramatically wrong lol) i still wanna finish ATL especially when LMS ends.


1. the author of ATL can’t write cool stuff even with a nice idea like owning a planet. Author of LMS has done so well with Weed’s Morata city and then Arpen Kingdom. Ark will be risking bankruptcy just to build a cottage on his property, insidious forces trying to undermine his cottage, eventually owning 10 whole cottages at the end of the volume.
2. love interests? it’s like harem in manga, lots of misunderstandings, forced humor, goes nowhere.
3. Ark’s “rivals” are people who have certain advantages over him, not those who are truly his match in wits, skill, luck and diligence. They eventually get left in the dust by Ark, at which point the author brings in more “rivals” with even greater advantages.

This is my experience from what I’ve read of the first novel and part of the second.

Jester Cabahug Sumagang

this is what you called xiantia plot with ark have great plot armor and the city development is poor too.


yo sólo leo ATL para saber si Hawk es weed o ver cuando aparece weed XD, la historia de ATL es difícil de asimilar por que de lo medieval pasan a las navecitas , pero al menos Ark tiene más protagonismo en lo romántico XD


To be honest I stopped reading Ark ages ago myself. I look forward to reading whatever you decide to translate.


I dropped Ark ages ago myself. I look forward to reading whatever you end up translating.


I appreciate all your hard work. And I agree it’s gotten less interesting. Looking forward to the teasers.


If you could pick up Magi’s Grandson while Cat is MIA it will be awsome!

Amgad Azab

I agree with u after the first story i got bored


O our ever quick and beloved turtle, we are at your mercy for your translation and choice of LN.

Bless you and take care of yourself.

But though I know this request of mine is shameful of my part, I humbly beseech you to please take a look of the LN Campione!(Man slaying a gods to obtain their divine power.)

Thank you for reading the comment of this leecher.


I can understand your decision and I appreciate everything you have done until now to translate ATL. Actually, I couldn’t read ATL on a long term myself. There is something that makes me wanna take a break and read on later (not so LMS which I read all in one go – day and night – until I caught up with your translations)…. I think the break will do you good =) I can’t await the teaser! 🙂


This site may be called arkmachinetranslations but at the end of the day it’s yours rainbow. I’d be pretty sad personally Ark has helped me get through hard times. I kinda like the we know you’ll win but let’s see what scheme you’ll cook up in the end sort of novel. I guess some will be sad and recently the novel hasn’t been as good but you don’t get paid to do this so :-/ .
Sincerely, A reader who rarely comments


Oooooh not cool but previsible…
Yes i am a reader of atl and it’s not as great as ark…
Do like you want. Im looking forward for your work.


*still needs to finish ark*
*reads spoilers*
*wants to dive into the games*
*recommends Live Dungeon*
*notices it’s japanese*
damn, today is one of my bad days

Thank you for all your efforts.
I have to say that I was overjoyed when you picked up LMS.
You have consistent quality and speed. You are awesome. It is your choice if you want to drop ATL, there is no need to justify 🙂


Looking forward to the teasers …



I personally LOVED Ark and was overjoyed when the sequel was announced. I looked forward for the translations of ATL every time, although ATL did not have the same charm and energy to it compared to Ark it helped me have something to look forward to every week. But who am I to ask you to listen to my opinion, this is your choice. But I have to tell you I for one will miss ATL if you drop it. However, I will support your decision no matter what you choose to do.

A fan of Ark and ATL >_<

Sad you stopped ATL but it’s your choice, having no way to make you change, i enjoyed every translation you did for Ark and ATL after coming to read LMS when discovering your site.

Right now i was more enjoying ATL than LMS where i am blocked at the beginning of the battle at dulmore fortress find all this time travel in the past boring since he traveled the desert and reached too high level, will force myself to read it to come back to same time as other player, his groups and bardray hope it won’t take too long.

If you can please at least end the story of the race with rapid group until they come back to S20


Sigh.. well…. now i need to wait for new translation so can start to read.

Thanks for your hard work


Hey Turtle, If you are looking for new novels to translate, I was wondering if you have heard of Rebirth of the Thief Who Roamed the World? Little Shanks started translating it. Maybe you guys could work together. Thanks for all your hard work.


that is a chinese novel. i only translate korean. and please read the announcements. i’ve already chosen my next project.


Plz plz plz do not stop translating this novel i love it so much and i really find it interesting beside ur transltion is very very good wich makes reading the story easier to understand , i really hope u consider my request, thx


Ahw, I was hoping for an update about the status of ATL hiatus, can’t believe it’s almost been 3 years.