Ark volume 24 chapter 8 + Epilogue

The final chapters of Ark have been released. You can read chapter 8 here and the epilogue here.

I can’t believe Ark is finally over! Thank you for everyone who supported my efforts. It has truly been a gratifying experience. I can’t wait to give you a whole new story as I start translating the sequel Ark the Legend.

Enjoy the end of the story.

Rainbow Turtle

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You know, I’ve never commented on a translation site before. Ever. And I’d be embarrassed to state how much time I’ve spent on them in the last couple of years.

-But goddamn you’re incredible.-

I started reading Ark on Japtem after RoyalRoad dropped LMS, and Japtem gave their usual “it comes out so rarely because we want to have perfect quality translations etc etc”

Which is all well and good, until the TLs slowed to a crawl.

And then I saw someone mention Arkmachinetranslations in the comment section on Japtem, and I was WOWED. You were already a couple volumes ahead of Japtem and you had just started!

And of course Japtem responded with the ‘ol “Well anyone can machine translate, we only do HIGH QUALITY translations here”

So yea. Screw those guys. (even though they still gave me hours of enjoyment. I know I’m being petty, I just hate that they insulted you even as you blew them out of the water with your high quality, lightning fast machine translation)

Anyways, to wind up this rant: If you ever decide to become a holy figure let me know. I’ll be the first one to cast a gold statue of you and pray to it.


Thank you.


thanks for all your hard work


so many silent lurkers confessing here…hahahah



Lee Cham Fun

Thanks Turtle.


Thank you very much for all the translations. You put a lot of time and effort in this project. I, like all the other leecher, appreciate your hard work and dedication.
Once again, Thank you very much.

El Psy Congroo

Thank you again and again. Still checking your site many times a day. Guess it’s a habit.


it has been a long journey. thank you!


Thank you very very much