Ark volume 23 chapter 3 and plans afterwards.

Hi everybody,

Ark volume 23 chapter 3  is released. Read it here.

I’m back at school so two chapter days will become less frequent again. However, I’m expecting to finish volume 24 within the next two weeks which is something I never expected to say. When I first started translating, I thought it would take more than a year and here I am 8 months later. Thanks for all the support.

People have been wondering about my plans afterwards. I am going to start the sequel straight away since I want to know what it is about. I am also going to go back to previous chapters and started making edits and applying the changes that I’ve made while translating and gaining more experience. Once I’ve translated a few volumes of the sequel, I might consider taking on another Korean project since I don’t watch to catch up to the latest volume released by the author too quickly. If I do that then I’ll probably alternate chapters for each project. So please give me suggestions if there are any Korean novels you’re interested in. Please don’t mention LMS. I know a lot of people want me to take it on but it is a little difficult since there is currently a translator for it.

Anyways, just wanted to let you guys know.

All the love, Rainbow Turtle.

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whoops. It is chapter 3. I’ve just typed everything as 4. I’ll change it. Thanks for letting me know


legendary moonlight sculpture vol 26 and beyond


sorry for the caps. looks like 4 is 3. so your cool. thanks for all the hard work. your my fav translator!!!


Thanks for all the hard work, turtle!

No recommendations here (yet), but I’m looking forward to Ark’s sequel. 🙂


The only other korea novel I know is lms so I can’t give any suggestion, and I didn’t know before that ark have sequel, did the author start it recently?


The author started it in 2014 and he tends to release a new volume every 1~2 months. There’s like 13 volumes atm.

Le Berino

wait you sure???
last time I saw a post from a site they said LMS currently have 45 volume available in the market
at the moment clickyclick is translating volume 23-25(translation in progress)


I meant for ark the sequel


This may sound rude but I think your fans are illiterate because you quite clearly state you are not going to touch lms. Maybe you should put it in caps or a bigger font.


just new here and i love your translation..its volume 24 is the last volume?


Yes it is

Yummy Potato

Thank you for the hard work. This kind of dedication for free is quite rare nowadays in the translation community.


LMS actually has two translators at the moment, working in different areas. Well, if you truly cannot stomach LMS, we’ll give up. Thank you for all the hard work thus far~!!


It’s not that I wouldn’t love to do LMS. I would gladly do it if there are no translators. But I kinda don’t want to steal from another translator, especially when he is actually doing it with his knowledge of korean so his translations would probably be better than mine.


Ugh.. I’m really waiting you doing LMS, and now my dream broken :'(


First thanks for all your hard work, your dedication has been truly appreciated.

I personally thinks there’s a big difference between MTLs and what click is doing, but it’s certainly understandable to not what to cause waves. FWIW I think the community would have your back.


Maybe ask him to see if you can coordinate and do later volumes? Don’t really have to steal the project.


Thank you for this, it’s really bad when people do do that, Ren’s decent edit post has some good examples as to why it’s bad. Wish I could suggest something but all the stuff I enjoy has current translators :p


yep helping in translating LMS will be much greatly appreciated by everyone!!


Thanks again for all of the hard work. One korean light novel that would be interesting to see more of would be Dawnbringer. There is a group that has been doing it off and on, but their updates are usually 3 months apart or so so it is never really clear if they are still doing it or have dropped it. Even if they didn’t maybe they would be willing to to a collaboration or something. Link below to series description to see if you find it interesting.


Please pick up the gamer 😀


Just a couple that I know of that was pretty good so far. I’m NOT suggesting taking them if they are still active as I’m sure there’s probably plenty of other korean novels worth translating.

1. Arena .. I think the current translator gave up ->
This is like Terror Infinity the CH LN.
2. Mark .. the current translator is away for a month ->
– Transported to another world + RPG

Personally I would say No to LMS.. it’s so close to Ark that I think something different may be good. Since you already said you would be doing the Ark sequel.

Thanks for all your efforts!!


vote for Arena too…
i love that novel, have a lot of action and great message about life and family…

Gunawan Adiguna

Please pick up Arena…


Yes please! Arena would be a great pick!


Thank you for the hard work. And finishing in 2 weeks is mega news. haven’t seen any info about part two but cant wait non the less.


Thanks again for your hard work, I have a question about the sequel does it continues ARK or not


Why not do the one’s imoutolicous does but haven’t updated those have a lot of fans but no one translate them.


Since it’s been more than a year for several of them i think it counts as dropped.

Just Me

Thanks for your work, loving your translation, if you could transtlate ID as your next project that would be great


im glad someone else had the same idea. japtem had started to translated ID and only did a few chapters in the first vol and then drooped it. i loved the manhwa and was supper exited when i came across the novel but sadly i can’t find anyone who has picked it up. i hope you will consider it with your other choices


Anyone know which volume is the end of Ark?




will you help to begin translating ‘Shadow Rogue’?


Its good to have a dedicated translator like you around. Keep up the good work

There arent many translators who would translate a chapter a day. Some would go mad to wait a week for a chapter. I would honestly, there are some cases I’ll get mad when I found that there werent a new Ark chapter after school.

By the way, Try taking another fantasy korean project like Ark here. I would love to read another novel.


thanks for the translations..


I just hope you choose something interesting :p


i hear the gamer has a light novel you could try that! it may be a bit different than the manwha. i think atyleast a few chapters to test it out would be great!


i would love to see the Gamer light novel would be interesting 🙂

thanks for chapter 🙂


I personally recomend the sword emporer it has a really cool op mc


agree on that one


thank you for the translation as always, and good luck with your school

don’t know any korean light novel to be recommended, just keep up the good work and do what you want, cheers!


Just wanted to say thank you for taking Ark so far and being willing to continue with the sequel.


Thank you very much for all the translations.

I’ve been wondering if it’s possible to look into one of the series from ROK media’s website ( to translate? I can’t read korean to save my life, but from the cover page, it looks like there might be some interesting stories.

I think korean light novels are harder to find and from the few that get to be translate we do know that the korean light novels are underrated and I think we need to add new novels in the currently translated list. The recent chinese translations’ boom pretty much give us new insights into another aspect of the asian novels world which was starting, imo, to be getting a bit stagnant when you read too much translate japanese light novels. I think we need a wave of different type of korean novels.


Try “Sword of the Emperor”


I know that this is unlike any LN you’ve translated until now but ever since I read the prologue and first chapter of the first volume on imoutolicious I’ve been waiting and waiting and waiting… Despite them saying they’re working on it, they haven’t released the next chapter in over two years. So here’s my request:

Queen’s Knight Kael

Please, even if it’s just the first volume only. Please.


thank you. This is great news


Try “Arena”


Thanks for all your hard work all this time

i rly like lms ark genre, so if you can translate other novel like that would be great

also Sword of the emperor would be good too!!


Hmm i recomend battle emperor the actual translator don’t have time and is very different of Ark gonna be good to have two projects very different of each other


Can you tell us what genre you prefer and dont like? Because I love martial arts and koreans can do it almost as good as Chinese when it comes to fights. I just don’t know any wuxia/xianxia/murin type korean novels. One is already being translated and King Shura is being done. I dont mind another VRMMO just make sure the character actually plays it to have fun and not money hungry or that same cliche asian novels love the bullying to get stronger bullshit.


Sword Emperor and The Gamer are both great.


You are the best. I think everybody here think the same, i hope so. Thanks for your hard work.
You can try to translate A certain middle aged mans vrmmo (japanese web novel). It has also a manga, here is a link.
Un saludo de un camarada español.

Krad (@kradusbarbus)

thanks for all the work you’ve done ! <3


Thanks for all the hard work, Turtle.

Would you consider picking up Arena? I thought that was an interesting series but the TL dropped it after getting some death threats. TL tried to make it pay per view.

26.5 chapters translated. You may want to take a gander to see if this is at all up your alley. It has a Gantz style plot.


i looked at this its preaty awesome. im liking it a bit better than gatnz though more variety.


Hello turtle, I’d like to suggest u many korean novels I read. comment me if you’re interested and lookin for txt files.
First one is Dragon Raja. This fantasy novel was already published in japan, china and taiwan, but there’s no official eng translations. Somebody translated until chapter 2 but dropped.
Second one is Blacksmith Zig. It’s also game novel like LMS or Ark. He was a legendary gamer who even caught dragon by himself, but his ID is hacked and game character disappears. so he tries to catch the hacker inside the game with his new profession blacksmith.
Third one is dark mage. There’s also manhwa version, but sadly the publisher gone bankrupt and ended in 6. This novel will be difficult to translate because it contains lots of chinese martial arts like manhwa ruler of the land.


Wow, Blacksmith Zig feel interesting


This is late but I would like to get those txt raws myself to read for Dragon Raja and Blacksmith Zig. My email is [email protected]


I know this is late but I would like to have access to those txt myself to read for Dragon Raja and Blacksmith Zig. My email is [email protected]


Please translate ID. This is an amazing light novel with a large manga that stopped getting translated. Thanks for all your hard work

N eo

Thanks turtle!! You’re the fastest translator! EVER!


i vote to arena as well… or maybe ID..?? 😆


Please take a look at ID by Kim Dae Woo. 3 Chapters were translated at Japtem.

Too bad

Too bad you won’t take up LMS because the current translators have almost stopped releasing any chapters. Jawztranslation and etc releases 1 chapter every month if were lucky which is not even close to your pace QQ 🙁


ID! You should totally tranlsate ID!


Thanx a lot 🐢 for all ur hard work 😊. Hope u long life of happiness cause ur work make me happy☺️.


DSWNBRINGER!!!! Plsss and thanks fir the awesome translation


Please translate ID! >”:


turtlenim it happened again this time i did some screenshots


Thanks for the hard work :3


Blacksmith Zig please


aaaand, how about you make a poll


Queens knight kael, this project has been dropped i think its been like 4 years since last chapter has been translated. I really wanna know how the story goes. heres the link