Ark volume 23 chapter 3 and plans afterwards.

Hi everybody,

Ark volume 23 chapter 3  is released. Read it here.

I’m back at school so two chapter days will become less frequent again. However, I’m expecting to finish volume 24 within the next two weeks which is something I never expected to say. When I first started translating, I thought it would take more than a year and here I am 8 months later. Thanks for all the support.

People have been wondering about my plans afterwards. I am going to start the sequel straight away since I want to know what it is about. I am also going to go back to previous chapters and started making edits and applying the changes that I’ve made while translating and gaining more experience. Once I’ve translated a few volumes of the sequel, I might consider taking on another Korean project since I don’t watch to catch up to the latest volume released by the author too quickly. If I do that then I’ll probably alternate chapters for each project. So please give me suggestions if there are any Korean novels you’re interested in. Please don’t mention LMS. I know a lot of people want me to take it on but it is a little difficult since there is currently a translator for it.

Anyways, just wanted to let you guys know.

All the love, Rainbow Turtle.

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Dennis Acob


In a world of martial arts, a young boy namned Wu was unable to pratice martial arts due to his special body, will he accept his fate and live his life bullied and looked down by others or will he rise and become a master?


You and your translation art r the light of my days. Glad that you still wish to work new projects. Looking forward whatever you decided to do. We r with you all the ways. With affection and many thanks Turtle. Bought the turtle toy on my last weekend holiday trip to Tioman Island in remembrance of Ark and you. Lol. Missed so much without reading new chapt everyday.


ARENA..!! 😆

Arnaud Geantet

Thank you for the hard work, i’ve just discovered Ark 2 weeks ago and it’s been a pleasure reading your translations. looking forward for the rest of ark’s adventures, and for any other project you’ld pick up :).


21st Century Archmage [Korean Novel]
as foun on japtem


I also vote for Archmage


I would love to read this novel. Looks like someone has started on this recently, but stopped too I guess…


Turtle… I have few suggestions…. not sure if everyone would like them though or if you would be able to translate them…. My suggestions are:
1. Dawnbringer: The Story of the Machine God
2. No Game No Life
3. Wataru Watari
4. Mark


i vote to ARENA too


You should try to translate ID… hell I came into the website thinking maybe I should suggest picking ID once you finished Ark: The Legend and happened to find this post… I’ve also read somewhere that there is a The Gamer novel… that one should be great as well but I’ve been itching to read the ID novel ever since I read many chapters from the manwha many years ago…

gear of fate

i’ll vote for ID


I would like to see Dark Mage or ID. The few Dark Mage episodes that I ran into were great. It is not really along the lines of Ark or LMS where it is a game but the time frame genre is similar. ID was fun. I got through about 90% of the story through various sites but the MC is a bit to over powered. ID has lots of dragons I like dragons.


I third Arena.