Changes to Jewel.

Hey everybody,

For those of you who haven’t read the latest chapter, I’ve finally received confirmation that Jewel is male after wondering for so long. At first I decided to change his name into Jules but now I’ve changed my mind. I’ve decided to keep the name as Jewel because it will easier for everybody. However, I will be referring to her as a him from now on and the previous chapters will be slowly edited to reflect that.

Thanks Rainbow Turtle

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Thanks for the heads up!
But it was confusing for the losing time for how the author never tried to use he or him when talking about Jules. 😛


I know. I think maybe even the author wasn’t sure until this chapter. Because this was the first time Jewel used hyung when talking to male characters, which was my final confirmation that Jewel was male, as hyung is only used by males


well there are very few exceptions and those are usually gag moments meant to embarrass the character using the honorific(oppa, hyung, noona, ect ect) in question


It was deliberately not mentioned I think. Usually the first thing you an author does when he/she introduces a character is determine the gender. i.e. “A woman appeared…” “A man entered…” etc. I can’t believe there wasn’t an actual confirmation before this. I always assumed it was a sure thing. As to why he left it out I don’t know either. The only purpose it really served was to piss off readers. Or maybe… Could it have been a male Korean name? Like Jeowul or something?


I checked the raws and the name seems to be 쥬르. I did a quick search and I think the name should be Jerry


Nope not Jerry. xp
It seems to be a shortened nickname, not a whole name. It’s used in Jourdan(쥬르당) as the ‘Jour’ part. Ahh! I give up X< I guess Jules is as close as we'll get 🙂


Finally. But now I feel awkward……


Too bad that many readers are already scarred for life LOL.


Hate traps…


damn facepalm


my fantasies are ruined

Mark Lee_cher

yeah all this time i pictured him/her as a girl




Lol, rainbowturtle thanking himself at the end of that post 🙂


Aww man.. she was a good villian character. It was fun and interesting.
I am rather disappointed in this change.


How’s about Julio? eh? eh?


..or coolio…