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alright thank,


Thanks again 🙂 Amazing as always.


Wow thanks


Thank you for translating this. I am curious about how you machine translate. You see, I too have a novel, I want translated however, I have come to the realization that no one else might be willing to translate it because. Its a very trashy romance novel series, that make Rance seem family friendly. So, I have to translate it myself.

HOWEVER, I read you faq. I am very sorry to hear about how much flak you get about machine translation to the point you had to delete your methodology. It fills me with concern, but makes sense considering how much trouble I found figuring out the machine translation process. Out of respect for what you do, why I withold most of questions, I want to ask. I wish you the best of the luck with your translation, and I would be grateful if you would be willing to answer just one small question:

My problem is trying to find a way to get the raw image text into a digital.txt form.
Do you use OCR on any of the images or do you use the raws from the dropbox. If the later, who made the raws?


I found the raws from Japtem so I don’t know how they got it.


Ok you’ve really out done yourself. Absolutely the best