Ark Volume 9 Chapter 4

Ark Volume 9 chapter 4 is released. Read it here.

I’ve also made some minor changes.

  • In chapter 2, the lists of attributes was Fire, Ice, Wind, Earth, Mind, Darkness and Light. I’ve changed the ‘Mind’ attribute to ‘Lightning.’
  • This phrase in chapter 6 Salrin’s Descendant:  Salrin was praised as a hero even though he was an assassin and was invited to be a Duke in the Sinius Principality. I’ve changed it to  Salrin was praised as a hero even though he was an assassin and became the ruler of a dukedom that eventually became known as Sinius Principality.
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Yes. MOAR 😀 Thanks.


> I’ve changed the ‘Mind’ attribute to ‘Lightning.’

“after fire, he had collected 4 more mongoose essences, the Earth, Wind, Mind and Lightning.” seems that it didn’t apply to this chapter 😛

Thanks anyways.


Whoops I meant ice there. I’ll change it later.


Who cares man, Youre the best!!!!!!


So fast….


thank you for the enlightmen


Thanks for the translation 🙂 can’t wait till next dose hehehe


One you’re done with Ark, you should do the Legendary Moonlight Sculptor, cuz the other people sucks at translating it and took way too long to get a chapter to release TT^TT, it’s almost have the same kind of layout with Ark but longer 45 Volumes!!! I deeply hope you would take it in consideration Master Turtle!


Read the faqs before you comment.

But still, as a side note: I totally agree with this guy.
First – the current LMS translation project has multiple translators – they definitely accept other people’s help gladly.

Second – I understand the author’s refusal to give permission, and that’s a valid worry. Still, please help….! The entire LMS fanbase is in agony, since our favorite series is pretty much permanently stalled!! Based off current translation pace, it would catch up to volume 45 in about ten years, and since two primary translators just left, the pace fell even more! If you don’t feel comfortable putting them here, you could have JAWS translations host your translations. If you choose to take up this project, you would become the Yoraikun of the LMS fanbase – Pretty much worshipped as a god, with virgin sacrifices provided on demand.

The Legendary Moonlight Sculptor

I totally agree. Please Turtle hyung-nim! Have mercy on us. Translate it after you finish Ark.


Sorry I didn’t read the faqs 🙁 but it’s just like Subsinexus said, the project will take probably more than 10 yrs to finished, I think the reason the author didn’t want people to translate it b/c he’ll be doing an English version in like 2-3 yrs from now. I’d believed that there are tons of LMS fans and Ark fans as well would truly appreciate it if it would be possible after Ark is done.

P.s. Jawz do still translating it even though the author asked people not to, don’t think it’s illegal to fan sub/translate just like the mangas. And from what I heard last time, they are even going to take a lot longer to translate now. Prob a chapter a month. TT^TT please Turtle seongsaeng-nim