Ark Volume 8 Chapter 5

Hey guys,

Ark volume 8 chapter 5 is released. You can read it here.


  • In regards to currency in the game, if I want to know how much it is in dollars I just take off 3 zeros from the end. So 20,000,000 won= approx. $20,000.
  • I also normally update the translation bar just before I go to sleep. The only exception is when I released a new chapter then I will update it when the new chapter is released and at the end of the day.
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yau new chapter, thanks turtle XD

Ars Roccii

First coment!!!
Thaks Turtle!!

Ars Roccii

Duh….Was really close in truth …
I’m sorry for my bad english. This is not my native languagem.



Agris Bečmanis

thanks men.


and here I thought 20,000,000 won was $19,000 then again the exchange rates are always changing so one of these days we really need to establish a universal currency like gold or something


You are a beast man!!
Thank you very much, you are the best! ^_^


Thanks for your hard work dude. You the man!


Thanks for the new chapter!


The problem is that it would be so if the exchange rate stayed the same. But earlier it was mentioned that South Korea in Ark suffered a period of extreme inflation, with all prices rising up to 10 times. So 20,000,000 won = 2000$ USD.




I think in KRW to in game currency is the only valuation you need.

I don’t believe Ark is set in present day, so exchange rate between USD and KRW is arbitrary. We’re talking about a fictional world that has developed NervGear technology; that technology itself can have significant impact on global economy.

Now if you’re trying to come up with valuation based on our world, then you’ll need to find out when the chapter was originally released and find out the exchange rate from then.


What we want to know is Purchasing Price Parity between in-Arkverse Won and USD that we have today. If you earn 20,000$ a month today it is quite a big amount. But 20,000,000 won in Arkverse is enough for only 1-2 months for Ark, so it is closer to 2,000$.


If it was like that then the hospital bills would only be around $400-500 each month which doesn’t seem that expensive. I always thought of the hospital bills being $4000-5000 which is why it makes sense that $20,000 would only last him a few months.


I agree with turtle. Hospital bills should easily be in the thousands range. The novel mentions several times that the mother is on private health care too.

The person with the most questionable financial status to me is the detective. How is he able to afford so much as a prematurely retiree? He bought a house to dorm the rehabilitation gang, capsules for himself and maybe the gang, and likely helped Ark with hospital bills at some point on top of his own expenses.


Well it was mentioned in volume 2 that he got a significantly payment when he was forced to retire as a detective. He also has another job and pension as well.


The problem here is absolutely batshit insane prices in US hospitals – inflated since they bill it to the insurance – that also vary in a very big range (same procedure can cost you 10x more in one place compared to another), so it is hard to make proper estimation of conversion rate for them. So it is better to estimate things based on household expenses.


What was the conversion of gold to won again? I remember thinking it was $10/gold so I guess that would be 1gold = 10,000 won?


It should actually change, and fast. As players level up, monsters should start dropping more Gold and more expensive loot (i.e. as we can see Ark has managed to earn 300 gold in a week, compared to say 10 gold he was earning earlier). This means that value of Gold should decline just as fast.