Editor Found

Hey guys,

Just letting you know that I’ve found an editor so I’ll be closing all applications now.

I’ve also managed to reach goal for the donations so I’ll be closing it now. Thanks to everybody who donated and a large round of thanks for the donor who made a very large donation. I appreciate every ones support.

Let me know if you have any suggestions about how to improve the site.

Rainbow Turtle.

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Hello Turtle,

Thank you for your work 🙂

Since you’re planning to upgrade the site, I suggest you remove the infinite scrolling.
Because, when the visitor wants to see the “translation progress” bar, he’ll have to scroll until the last post (the first published) to just be able to see the bar.

And in my opinion, visitors are more likely wants to see the progress bar rather than scroll through blogs posts (They’re more likely are going to press the ToC if they’re new to the site).



Thanks for the suggestion. That doesn’t happen when I look at it so I didn’t know.


As far as I know that only happens to me on tablet and on my smartphone. I think if the screen is not wide enough the progress bar is placed below last post. You can actually see it if your laoding speed isn’t too fast but will disappear below the newly loaded old posts quickly.


It always happens on my phone too. Happy to others bringing it up too and that it wasn’t just me.

Jin Mori

You could simply make it so you can change pages with an [Older] & [Newer] button, so you could have the translation bar on each page.


Same thing happen to me when I first visited but found out it was actually due to the magnification. So you could try decreasing it then it should appear at the side


Its a mobile thing. Turtle there should be an option somewhere in your dashboard to preview the site in mobile format. You should be able to see it then.


I don’t think widgets can be displayed first on wordpress themes, unless supported by the theme it self.


ah! I wish I could be turtle’s editor, though my hands are full translating LMS in jawz(there is only two of us, me and John nest, translating hahaha, the rest has escaped from slavery hahaha) may you reach qouta soon amd thanks for the release today


Good to see you here,
So sad our slaves run away. Though I wish to help I am not a slave(translator)


Hello Turtle,

Thanks for the speedy translations.
Just wanted to suggest you implement a system like wuxiaworld uses whereby you translate a set amount of chapters and if people want bonus chapters they can donate.
Dunno if this is feasible with Ark’s longer chapter lenght but it’s something to keep in mind


Someone has already suggested that to me but it’s not feasible with the length of the chapters and my translation pace.


I suggest that you should use adfly to generate more income, thus upgrading things you are using in your translation like investing to a pro CAT tools, upgrading your wordpress,and also paying the electric bill consumed by your computer while translating:3


Hello turtle, might want to consider emulating the way wuxiaworld.com has it set up for donations.


can’t edit but I would love to donate for your translation


Email me at [email protected]


Setup a donate button ? Just close it when you feel like it’s enough?


Eh..you need an editor? But there aren’t a lot of grammar mistakes in the translation. Some spelling mistakes due to typos here and there but nothing major from what I’ve noticed.


I don’t need a full time editor. Just someone who will go through old posts and fix up the formatting and proofread it in their spare time. But luckily I’ve found someone.


If you’re interested, I used to proofread Ark for Japtem a while back. My work speaks for itself on their site.


Sorry I’ve already found an editor. But thanks for the offer.


Hey turtle I would like to help with editing. Though I’m not an expert at grammar. But I can keep a look out on the comments and minor typos and grammar errors.
PS: Be sure to find a good editor before adding me.


GoGo Turtle answer my e-mail.
*waves with cash*


I will gladly help out a bit.
There isn’t any good Novel to buy atm, nor any games.
So i have a bit leeway on my gameing budget and reading budget~


I wanna help Turtle – sensei. Give me the account.


With money obviously…………….


Weed.. is giving out money… i think i am haluzinating here…

*throws away his snacks*


Weed giving money? dont accept it’s a scam! You will regret it!

Reiji Ozora

Wow, I didn’t know that there was an editor position available, or I would have applied. :/


If throght donate, new chapters will posted faster, I`m will donate. But I dont have credit card. Is there way to donat for me?

Dark Anon

Put chat box XD so we can chat with people here 🙂


If you want to put chatbox, dont make it load it automatically. put a button for the link. Dont put stuffs that will make this site heavy. i cant even open 2nd tab if i open royal road site. That really sux


you already reached the qouta?? wow that was faster than I expected,,, I just opened a paypal account a while a ago in order to donate buy I guess there’s no need for now

Agris Bečmanis

yeh the same – wanted to donate so can get faster chapters


Well i suggest you could put donate button and don’t need to put up promises like wuxiaworld. Like they do on skythewood, so the people who like to contribute could treat you pizza or beer whenever they want.. Your pace are already fast, so it’s natural for people willing to give you some appreciation.. If we can buy chapter like on wuxiaworld, at least we like to try to support the chapter. Just think about it 🙂


Hmm can’t edit comment -_- my last comment on the las sentence, it should be “if you can’t buy…”


Thank you turtle!!


Turle have you bought wordpress premium the new blue theme is no good. I liked the old one.


Oh I didn’t check the address bar..
Glad to know you registered for wordpress premium & got a .com domain name.


I’m just experimenting at the moment. What don’t you like about it?


Just the blue color I reminds me of typical hyperlinks. too much blue…


Oh add a chat box with custom loading


Hrm, I kinda prefer not to add a chatbox atm. And I don’t even know how to do it on wordpress. But that might change in the future.


forget about chat box it seems, its too much trouble to put one up on wordpress.com sites.
PS: When you upgraded you theme collection increased right… try a few of the out..


rather than a chatbox, I suggest that you should put a forum where ark fans can discuss about their insights, spoilers, fanfics, etc. I personally believe that ark have a huge fan base and the forum will connect those fans all over the world together


Hey aren’t there a lot more premium themes available for you??
try them out…


5518 more hits for One Million <3


only 4000 to go looks like today we will hit 1 mil

ofir tal

the site look great but if you need to change or add anything im building sites for a living including wordpress so ill be happy to do what needed for free.


We are over the million mark. Insane keep it up I know I have notifications setup and I still come back 8 Times an hour just incase.


Is the “premium” thingy supposed to show ads?


A lot of people have asked me about donations. But since I don’t want to do that I put on ads instead. They shouldn’t be that annoying since its only one ad per page. But if more people complain then I’ll take it off.


Oh, don’t worry, I wasn’t actually complaining (technically I was, but whatever), just that it wasn’t expected.