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Thanks for the chapter! 🙂

Danny Michael Medi

Thanks for the new chapter! 🙂


…and I was going to sleep but ark’s battle calls me. Thanks for the chapter though I yet to read it.

^Now I am scrolling back up so thanks again.

Alan Chong

Awesome work! thanks!

Reaper Phoenix

Was ‘Jewel’ English originally or was it translated from Korean? It’s been a long time but I think the Korean word is Boseog or Bosiog. So if it’s originally Korean it could be a guy’s name.


No I went with the romanization of the name. So when read outloud it was pronounced as Jyu-ru= Jewel. But now that I checked Naver translate it could be Jules. Which would be a guy’s name and might make more sense. Because normally the author describes female characters.


Thanks :3


I liked this chapter a lot! :3


the heck,, chapter 6 has just been released and now there is chapter 7 and what’s more is that chapter 8 is 35% done!!! I’m starting to get afraid to turtle. Is he an alien from outer space or a literal robot that have a supercomputer processor?!?! hahaha. kidding aside, thank you for your new release.. May you blessed with good health and don’t exhaust yourself too much..


Turtle are on killing spree !!! All hail Turtle God !!

Thank you for quick translation. Really really thanks *sob

Just curious, after you’re done translating ARK till the end, do you interested to do other projects ?

If yes, please take on Legendary Moonlight Sculptor, the story is really similar like ARK.

Critchard Ratchel

You keep translating as childern,child,beginner and such.. I think originaly it means noobs. Because it’s a game when player A says to player B : You child… You noob makes much more sense


While that makes sense, the korean word translates to child so I will keep it like that.

Critchard Ratchel

Not everything is translated literally, suit yourself


I prefer to keep things as close to the Korean as possible. Since it doesn’t ruin the understanding of the story then I’m going to keep it like that.

Alan Chong

The usage of child/children/youngster is correct in the Korean culture. The word is used by seniors/elderly to refer someone who is inexperienced. For them, it is considered as a more polite and well-mannered way to refer someone as “noob”.


Thanks a lot for awesome work. Altough not all of us make it known in comments, I bet that every person who comes here is gratefull to both Author and Translator who make it possible for us to enjoy this piece 🙂