Ark Volume 7 Chapter 5

This was a fairly short chapter so Volume 7 chapter 5 is released. You can read it here. 

Also when Ark talks about ‘Principal,’ he is referring to the amount of money originally invested.


On an unrelated not, who watches the Asian Cup? How exciting were the two matches tonight? I kept on getting distracted by the match while translating. If you watch it then let me know what team you’re rooting for. I’m Australian so its Australia all the way. ^^

Rainbow Turtle

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Alan Chong

Thanks for the chapter!

Rizky Ihwan

Yeah i hope australia gonna win asian cup so we can have extra chap for celebration ^ ^
n lucky u cause u can watch game live


Thanks for the chapter, been watching parts of it but am not really into it and I’m a New Zealander just across the ditch from you.

I see a win-win.

I just watch them for the cool football trick that might not appear in then show and the suspense of a team I bet my money on to win.


i cant wait for the next four chapter, it will surely be fall of alan’s reign in the castle right?! im excited!!



Yes Alan loses and Ark takes over but not only that. Alan goes evil and gains a broken Stat called “Hatred”. There is a dungeon in the castle which Alan farmed for himself which is why he gained so much so fast and Ark takes advantage of it as well. I won’t go any further for now but yeah sh_t is about to hit the fan and explode.

Side note thank you very much for your fast translations, it takes a lot of time and effort putting them together and know how rough it can be piecing together some of those sentences and finding the right dialog and context to fit. Your work and effort is greatly appreciated.


ah… im being addicted to this novel.,, I visit this site every hour., hoping that the next chapter has been released(please release it soon, I don’t think I can endure this withdrawal symptoms anymore ahahaha),,,, anyways why not put a donation box here?, I at least think that you are entitled to be treated with a chocolate cake for your awesome speed and quality of your translation


Next chapter should be out within the next 2 hours. I’m almost finished and then I have to upload it with proper formatting.


thank you master turtle, ^___^


well, I thought you were a Britons before. congrats for Australia for playing in the semis. tough match tomorrow against the darkhorse UAE who beat Japan, and even tougher match waiting in the final. but I think Australia can win against S.Korea if they got past UAE, looking at their encountered in the group match, Australia got a lot of chance to score, and S.Korea just got one lucky tap in front of the goal. well, good luck for tomorrow, and thanks for a new chapter Turtle.


Yes Australia does really well except in the beginning. So as long as that doesn’t happen then they will beat the uae. The difficult part will be getting past S. Koreas defence to score. But thanks for discussing football with me.


Go ausies