Ark Volume 7 Chapter 4

Ark volume 7 chapter 4 is released. Read it here. 

There’s also a part where Ark is swearing and no matter what I can’t figure out what the curse word means. Therefore I just left it at the Korean pronounciation.

If anybody knows what 살라비아 으라차차 or Salrabi Eurachacha means then please let me know.

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ty very much turtle samaa


eurachacha is horse,…i just google image it mwahahahhaa


I guess that rainbow turtle is really mad,,,I sent an email about his techniques on translating yet as of now no reply from him TT__TT anyways thank you for releasing chapter 4, keep up the good work^__^

Alan Chong

As Rainbow Turtle has said before, he does not reply simply because it slows him down in translating the chapters.

The steps to set up the translation is not difficult but that does not mean the translation itself is easy to read. Some of the translated sentences are so frustrating that it is almost impossible to comprehend without heavy editing. It requires a lot patience and sometimes you have to guess the meanings by yourself. I have tried it and simply gave up…

The summary for the translation process:

1. Download memsource and Lingoes
2. Download the raw document and attach it to memsource
3. Memsource allows you to edit/copy over to translator machine (Lingoes)
4. For Lingoes, use google translate, kodensha and systran for Korean to English
5. Choose the best translation and copy over it to Memsource
6. Edit the sentence until it makes sense.

*@Rainbow Turtle: Please remove this post if it causes any trouble to you.


I thought you have to ***always*** guess the meaning of MTs.

If you want to have a quick headache, Just try translating with a Machine Translator like Google or Bing.

I have been trying to MT for some time, though I can get a rough understanding of the chapter after reading it. I still can’t make a translation out of it.

I still haven’t given up yet.
I’m currently working on something that will display all MT from Google, Bing, and Free Translation on the same page so i can quickly compare and select the best translated one.


that’s it, memsource is what I’m lacking,, thanks,, your a great help dude.. gonna try incorporating this approach in my translation projects

Shenn Ng

Thank you for the quick translations rainbow turtle 🙂
brightens my day to get back from work and be able to read ARK so quickly 😀


Thanks for another great chapter!
Now the sad true of Ark losing his money has been known to him, let see how he will react to it.


For your information swear words usually don’t translate across languages because usually they are slang for something. Even American English and British English have different swear words because it swear words are slang. So don’t worry about not being able to translate swear words as unless you are completely fluent in the language you can’t even start