Ark Volume 7 Chapter 3

This was a long chapter but so it took me a while but here is Volume 7 Chapter 3.

I’ve also changed the name of Dedric’s skill from Blood-sucking to Vampirism.

P.S. While this doesn’t apply to everyone, after I linked the document explaining my translation process I’ve received a series of very rude emails. Thanks to that I’m going to delete the document. I’m also not going to answer any more comments or emails about my translation process. I will also delete any rude emails without replying. This is just to ensure that the whole process of translating doesn’t become stressful so that I can still release chapters at my normal speed.

Thank you for understanding.

Rainbow Turtle.

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thanks for the chapter . dont mind them .


I won’t. It’s just easier to cut them off completely and I wanted to explain to the people who legitimately emailed me why I might not be responding to any questions they have about translating.


damn I was too late to find out how you did it ? It’s always made me curious aha oh well πŸ˜›

Thanks for the chapter!


Please say you will reply to fan mails :'(
don’t do this to your poor fans. πŸ™


I will respond to some fan mails. It just that it took me ages to reply to some messages about the translation process and a lot of the time the questions were the same. I realized that it was taking time out from actually translating. So its just easier for me to not reply to those emails but I didn’t want to seem like I was just ignoring them. That’s why I thought I would leave an announcement.


Took you a while? it’s only been 3 days πŸ™‚ Seriously though, thanks a lot; you’re awesome for doing this.


hater hate the water because it’s wet so just ignore them

Kevin A

thanks a lot for the chapters. I’m sorry to hear that some ungrateful people are complaining but don’t let that get to you.


Those leechers is a jerk that’s eating other’s effort while do nothing themselves, i hate ungrateful people most, they usually is a lowly people that will stay low.


so keep striving my bro!


New chapter! Yeaaa!


RainbowTurtle , Though I cannot read nor translate Korean to English, I can say with certainty that I find your translations enjoyable, intelligible, and quite good. I cannot Speak to their accuracy but I encourage you to press forward and thank you for your effort. I see no reason for people to complain to make rude comments directed at you or your work. Regardless of their reasoning I, and I believe many others do not hold the same opinion. I appreciate your effort, Thank you for all of the work you do!!!


I never got to see your method, but it seems to be pretty effective. Dont know why people are being rude when you are translating way faster compared to Japtem.


Dude, f*** them, haters will always be haters, your are a saint, please continue your divine mission…


I think,You r awesome.Don’t mind that people
thank you for your hard work.Greetings from Turkey.


They suck! Your doing a great job that no one else can compare to. Thanks!


Yup bro every one here really appreciates your work and grateful for the chapters.
So I will just say ignore them and Thank You!

Falkner Blitz

Are you serious….man the nerve of some of these people. Man you’re doing an amazing job and truly we are very very grateful. The quality is very good and the speed…man the speed of you translating these is insane. Thank you so much for doing this and please don’t let some of these bad eggs get you down. Most of us aren’t assholes πŸ˜‰


Keep up the good work dude!. I know ALOT of us appreciate all your effort and the time you spent on this wonderous project. I’d admit I just couldn’t understand machine translation and it was making my brain bleed buckets, but all thanks to you I’m loving this novel as much as LMS.

Thanks Dude!! (From your Self proclaimed No.1 Fan)


Bro keep up the good work don’t worry about those random haters.. I can’t even think of a reason for someone to hate or be rude to you regarding your translation process… If they don’t like what you are doing, all they have to do is not come to site or even talk to you oh well there will always random haters. Thanks for the chapger

Kile Yang

Thank You for uploading so speedily. Just ignore those rude emails and comments and do what your doing now. We all appreciate your hard work at translating Ark. πŸ™‚ Don’t get too stressed now.


Rest assured most of us are really appreciative of your work, hope you keep it up, its awesome. Regards

Alan Chong

I have actually attempted to try and translate following the same way Rainbow Turtle did. I had to give up half-way because it is simply faster just to wait for his translation.

I can definitely say he is really good at it as the machine translation sometimes make no sense at all. To release a decent translated chapter using machine translation takes a lot of skills and patient.

@Rainbow Turtle, you have my utmost respect in dealing with those horrid machine translated Korean. Thanks for the chapters


Yeah, I got to try his method and its really good for quality mt, but it was so time consuming to figure some of the passages out. I might give it a try for lms since its 2 weeks between releases.


umm please can you tell me the translation process? i want to try it on LMS, and the great Overgos rainbow turtle isnt responding to any of my emails



Monta _

Thank you very much for your hard work. It’s not easy to do what you do, and those who know this respects you. I’m just guessing here, but those rude ones are most likely the people who are ignorant, haven’t tried to translate anything larger than a sentence or two(especially GT), sees one grammar mistake and explodes. I just really hope you will ignore them and forget that they exist. You’re doing a wonderful job! You don’t gain anything from this, but you still do it and everyone should respect you for that, atleast I do. But the reality sadly is different, just like in Ark, where a person you saved would stab you in the back for a item. I really hope you won’t pay attention to them, because in your place I would probably get very angry and stop translating.
Anyways, good luck and have a nice day!;)


Seriously. I was waiting for ages under japte until u translated. U are a godsend. Screw the haters.


Thanks for the chapter. Don’t pay any attention to ungrateful trash. They should just stfu, and translate for themselves.


I bow to your deviousness sir, I’ll dare no cross the likes of you!