Changes to names

Hey everybody, I changed the names of the rehabilitation group to their Korean pronounciation.


Fake= Jjak-tung

Fixer=Hae Gyeol-sa


I’ve also had a lot of people ask me about changing the translation of Andromeda into something else. It isn’t a mistake because when you read it out the Korean is pronounced as An-do-ro-me-da= Andromeda. Since I’m trying to keep it as close to the Korean raws as possible, I’m not going to change it.

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since you’re willing to make changes…

Ah, did you know that Jjak-tung oppa had a girlfriend? There is an 11 year age difference between them so I called him a thief.”

id change thief to “cradle robber”


I tend to make changes to things that would continue to appear in the rest of the volumes. Things like grammar and stuff not so much. But yes, cradle robber does sound better. Thanks for the suggestion.

Lantos Spaniel

Out of curiosity,

Fake= Jjak-tung = forger?

Fixer=Hae Gyeol-sa = trouble-shooter?

Flame=Bul-kkun. = arsonist? (doubt it)


Yeh, the author seems to be making puns with their names. Jjak-tung was a con artist so his name in Korean mean Fake. Bul-kkun tends to get angry easily so his name means flame/fury/passion.

Lantos Spaniel


Nam Nguyen

So… can you actually read Korean to an extent? Or did you look this up somewhere?


I’ve learnt basic Korean so I can read the writing and know some basic phrases. But I can’t actually understand what I’m reading that’s why I say I don’t know Korean.


I’m sad 🙁 , I’m going to miss those names.

For me pronouncing Korean names is a bit troublesome. Unless if they are major characters, I don’t even try to pronounce them and read along to find out who is the character mentioned.

It was like this for me when I first started reading Japanese LNs. (Though not this troublesome, since I watch animes. May be I should watch some Korean movies. My friends say they are quite good.)