Changes to Slime Recipe


I’ve fixed the mistakes with the numbers in the recipe in Chapter 7: Lancel Village. I’ve also changed the name of the recipe. After searching, an alternative translation of Inner Edge is ‘Prescription to achieve immortality’ and in google search results, it appears to be some type of medicine. So I’ve changed the name to’Slime’s Immortality Pill’ but tell me if you think there’s a better way to putting it.

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I think it makes much moar sense imo…. inner edge didnt make sense for me but thanks for pointing the meaning for that


Honestly, most of us are kinda numbed to oddness. We are used to it.


Is there any chance of an update today? I know the progress bar isn’t very full, but its worth asking.


No, I don’t get much time to translate on weekends because I mainly work then. Plus it is almost midnight where I live so not much chance of releasing today. But there will definitely be an update tomorrow.


Awesome. Something for me to look forward to while in physics class then, Thank you for responding so quickly.


Would you be interested in any help? I can proofread, or if you share your methods, I could start translating chapters in parallel.


At the moment I’m fine working by myself since it’s a lot easier for me and I have a lot of time while on holidays. If I find that it gets more difficult once I start uni again then I’ll ask for help if I need it. But thanks for the offer.


Assssssss….wow way to give it away. Why are you even reading these translations if you already know what is going to happen?


Sorry I was unaware of the spoilers. I’ll delete the comment.


Thanks for your hardwork. It’s really enjoyable being able to read a chapter more than once every 2-3 months, quality is good to.


Pills of immortality is an eastern concept that has to do with wuxia, murin, and a couple other martial arts practices where the belief is they can achieve immortality through meditation and martial arts. It’s not so much referring to the pill that grants immortality, but it’s for the person’s quest or continued foray into immortality. It’s used for any kind of health/mana type pills and so the term obviously carries over to RPG games. You can just call it a pill, or a boost pill.