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This is a website dedicated to machine translating the Korean novel Ark.

I decided to do this because I got too impatient waiting for high quality translation from Japtem and just wanted to read ahead. At first it was for my own personal reading but I decided to post it online for everyone else who couldn’t wait. I don’t understand Korean so I used various translation sites to do this. Because of that my translations won’t be 100% accurate so if you want to read it keep that in mind. These translations are for those who tried to read the bing or google translate versions but couldn’t get through it.

Please head on over to Japtem.com and support them, especially if you want more accurate and grammatically correct translations. Also please don’t contact me about my grammar or spelling as these are just meant to be quick translations.


Rainbow Turtle.

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Hey, thanks for the translation. I was wondering why volume 3 chapter 5+ are available on my bakareader app, but not the website or bakatsuki?
Is it a glitch or a problem that can be solved soon, cause I would like the web link, sorry if am being impatient its just Ark is such a good light novel


I only translated from volume 4 chapter 4 onwards since the previous chapters were already translated from japtem.com so you can go there if you want to read those chapters.
I have no idea about anything regarding bakatsuki or the bakareader app so you should probably talk to them instead.


The translations are good, I read some with bing and had to stop, was wondering if the methods you use are difficult, if not I would be interested in helping translate chapters if you wouldn’t mind showing me how you do it.